Why Vacations Are Good For The Soul

IMG_5558I basically live for the perfect getaway with my friends. Whether large or small vacations or even staycations, they’re are all the perfect remedy to minimizing stress and maximizing your good vibes. Basically, if I don’t get away every few months I start to feel stagnant, like I am suffocating. Just being able to escape for a few days without responsibility helps to reconnect with myself and not feel so stressed out. Because I am always and forever in vacation mode, here are my top reason why multiple vacations or staycations are a MUST in your life.

You Get to Abandon Your Responsibilities for A Few Days

Sounds juvenile, but hey that’s life. We all get overwhelmed. Let’s face it, adulting is that one course in life we all wish we could opt of. Since we can’t opt out, we can take a break from it. Vacations don’t mean to be reckless with life, but it is an opportunity to let go, be carefree with no worries until you return home.

You Get to Recharge and Release Stress 

Endless laughter and constant cocktails are a reminder that life is too damn short to stress. It’s a game changer when you’re on vacation, no care in the world, probably on someone’s beach getting tanned with nothing to stress about. The ability to relax and be stress free for a few days helps us to see clearly and not be so irrational about what’s going on in our everyday lives.

You Get A Chance to Connect Better With Yourself and Those You Love

I love an intentional trip. A trip where you plan in your mind that as soon as your flight land you’re going to dedicate time to healing and doing inner work and healing. My sister circle and I commit to these types of trips a lot. Whether it’s solo or traveling as a group, the open opportunity to reconnect with the best parts of you is extremely important. Vacation is also the perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond with those that you love most. It becomes a time to bond, explore and discover the things about life and each other that you never once knew.

It Simply Makes You Happy 

Nothing makes me happier than traveling to a new place or my favorite places. It’s an instant excitement and joy to be able to experience life outside of what I am accustomed to daily. Traveling means venturing out and creating new memories that you’ll forever have to look back on and be grateful for. Even if it’s once every year, scheduling a trip is so much more than a simple vacation. It’s a time to be happy, recharge, reconnect and experience life outside of your usual norm.

Happy Traveling!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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