The Many Emotions You Experience As A Blogger and How To Overcome Them

Appreciating where you are now is the key to embracing small beginnings. – AJ 


The other day I sat and thought about where I started as a blogger and where I am presently. To be out right truthful, I would have thought I’d given up by now. There is a lot that I’ve accomplished and felt like “wow that was easy.” And, there is a lot that I am STILL trying to tackle thinking “this sh*t sucks!” Life comes at you fast. I mean 0-100 real quick! The thing about blogging is…

So many come into it with all these expectations. High, positive expectations are what most of us who are just starting out have. Why so many of us give up so easily is because our situation doesn’t match our expectations. There are a lot of people out there who sell gimmicks, hopes and dreams when it comes to blogging. And before you know it, you’ve started a blog thinking you’re going to be a few months in with a huge following making boo coo dollars.


There are tons of emotions that you feel when you’re a blogger. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t go through the motions and the feels because they’d be lying to you. It’s an up and down rollercoaster when blogging. Literally, one day you feel great and the next day you feel like your life is up in flames. Here’s a breakdown of some of the emotions you feel as a blogger and how to deal with them all.

Random Jolts of Excitement

Yes, they occur. When you’re first starting out and when you’re 5 years in. I remember when I got my first day of over 50 views. I was elated. It showed me that people were actually reading my work. Then 2 days later I learned that an opportunity I really wanted didn’t go through. See what I mean? The good thing is, is that the good things happen. Random jolts of excitement do occur. The bad thing? They rarely last. They happen fairly quickly. Some moments of excitement lasting longer than others. The key to remember is, celebrate every moment. Don’t be so caught up in the fact that the feelings come and go that you miss out on the opportunity to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Even if they’re only short lived.

Feeling Underrated

You push out fire content all the time. Sometimes 3-4 times a week and you STILL lack a solid following. To add insult to injury, you feel like you don’t get the props that you deserve. The thing is, we all write pretty good blog content. We are all on the grind and all deserve a huge following and money to follow. The key to dealing with this emotion is trusting in your process. Trusting that your time is coming. Appreciating where you are now is the key to embracing small beginnings. Enjoy the journey and what you’re learning while on it. Don’t be so anxious for the outcome. Need a few tips on trusting your process? Click here.

Feeling Like You’re Not Working Hard Enough

You see your blogging buddies pushing out content consistently and having all of these other amazing things going on that are blog related. Meanwhile you’re over here still trying to decide on a title for your recent blog post. The key to overcome this negative feeling is to understand that everyone works at their own pace. Looking at what others are working on and how they’re working is a sure way to keep yourself feeling discouraged and defeated. Speaking of such…

Feeling Like You Want to Quit

I have felt this way 545944862 times in the last 5 years. Ain’t nothing to it really when you start to feel this way, but to keep going. You will want to give up and quit every other day. This feeling is inevitable. How you determine if blogging is something that you’re truly passionate about is how easy it is for you to continue to keep going when you want to quit. When you’re really in it for the right reason you know that the feeling of wanting to quit is temporary. Don’t let the devil talk you out of what you love.

It’s Costing You More Than You’re Making

Yes, you have to give money to make it. While that statement is very true, not every return invest is instantaneous. Some of us don’t see money coming in from our blog investments until years down the line. The key to dealing with this is having patience. How I’ve learned to deal with the ups and downs of earning money is not being in it solely for the money. I know that eventually God will open up that door. Until then I will continue to work and invest money wisely while working hard until it all pays off.

What are some of the emotions you experienced blogging and how did you overcome them?

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


19 thoughts on “The Many Emotions You Experience As A Blogger and How To Overcome Them

  1. I loved this post Amber Janae, thanks for sharing this, I launched my new blog on the 30th of may and deleted my old blog August coming would have been a year since i would have had that blog. but i decided to start over with my own domain, i came back in expecting to gain back all my folllowers quickly but then i realized it wont be that way. thanks for these words of encouragement and keep being the amazing blogger you are

  2. I experience frustration when my mind goes blank (writer’s block). Keeping up with a full time job, blogging, being a doctoral student, and other side-hustles that relate to my profession and desired goal, is a chore. I have to practice being still and quiet to allow the juices to flow freely. I love your site! Thank you for being you!

  3. My blog is a month old tomorrow and you’ve hit everything on the head. Thank you for the representation and the truth. I enjoyed this piece, looking forward to following you as you continue on, giving new bloggers hope. Thanks again ❤

      1. Thank you so much. I will keep keeping on. I sincerely appreciate bloggers like you. Representation + Sincerity is all I really want. Thank you!

  4. I am just beginning, well revamping in wordpress and taking my writing more seriously. I’m a teacher by day, and while summer break is winding down I’m working myself overtime now because when school starts my time is limited. I know how it feels to accomplish other things, and this blogging journey is different but it is a must for me that I become better at it. I know it’ll get better with time.

    ~LaTilya Rashon

    1. It will get better with time. Use your teaching experiences to guide you and help you to create content. Pay attention to your everyday life, you’re being inspired every day.

  5. such a beautiful story!!! I just found your site recently, through another article – but so glad I did! 🙂 I really relate to your writing, and SOO much of what you speak about – Just the fact that it was out there for me to find, read, and know someone else potentially faces what I do makes it wonderful! Its so hard sometimes! When I think about how far I’ve come, I’m super proud of myself, but then I think about how much further along i “should” be and it gets beyond frustrating. I’ve worked with some amazing brands, and on various campaigns, garnered lots of work for myself, and yet, still struggle a lot with real quality traffic. Definitely super hard on myself and my own worst critic, but then I also wonder sometimes, is it worth it? But reading this reminded me that yes, it is. Thanks – look forward to reading more stuff to come 🙂 xx Bee

    1. It’s definitely all worth it. You have to be patient and trust in the process and timing. You’re in preparation for something far greater. Prince once said it takes years to become an overnight success. Don’t get discouraged. Your time is near. If you ever need a pick me up or just someone to chat with who you know relates to what you’re going through, you can reach out to me anytime. Stay faithful love, xo.. ❤

  6. I’ve just started my blog and I’ve read a lot of posts that in essence relay the same message. However, this post touches on the actual emotions of blogging and not only is that refreshing but it is also insightful. In short, thanks for this post!

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