How To Stay Mentally Healthy During The Summertime

“Depression is a demon. It has been my worst kept secret, but also being my worse enemy for so long it’s helped make me stronger.” – AJ

Looking back, my most depressive states have been during the summer time. Growing up, the summer time was when I realized I didn’t have very many friends to enjoy summer activities with. When I was on break from school it meant my daily schedule changed drastically.

As an adults we’re still susceptible to those drastic changes. It’s extremely important to monitor our daily activities. It common for our daily distractions to be limited to very few things or nothing at all during summer months. These are the times when it’s easy for us to live in our minds and let our thoughts rule us. As an adult I still find that during summer months I am a lot less busy compared to any other time of the year. When I feel as if I am not active enough I find ways to get myself busy. Statistics have shown that during the summer time those living with depression are more likely to lose their battle due to being unable to cope. The end results of those battles are often suicide. For whatever reasons, during this time our risks of losing our battle with depression are a lot higher than any other time of the year. The goal is to be mentally healthy 24/7 – 365. While the summer months are often a reminder of the things we wish to not think of, it’s also an opportunity to beat the odds and overcome feeling down and depressed during the summer. So how can one stay mentally healthy during the summer time?


Whether it be a full on vacation or a stay-cation, taking time away from the norm often helps us to recharge. When we remain in familiar atmospheres 24/7 we are constantly reminded of the things we wish we could forget. Get online, plan a trip and don’t think twice about it. If money is funny, there is always an option to visit a city far enough away from home to where you feel distant. The point of getting away is regain control over your mind and find clarity. Recharge and refocus!

Establish A Daily Routine:

I touched on morning routines and their importance in this blog post, The Importance of A Morning Routine. If you need help establishing a morning routine that’ll help. Effectively planning out our days has more of a positive affect than one could imagine. Having a full schedule leaves less room for idle time and roaming minds. Plan your days so that you’re constantly keeping yourself busy and avoiding being overcome by negative thoughts.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time Alone:

Being introverted is more of a curse sometimes than it is a gift. It keeps me sheltered when I should be out being present in the presence of others. The best way I’ve overcome my introverted ways is, being out and actively building  new relationships. Truth is, being around warm spirits will always help you to cope with whatever it is you’re presently dealing with.

Get Physically Healthy:

Working out and staying fit helps us to feel confident and secure. However, our physical health isn’t always determined by how much we’re in the gym. Are you staying hydrated? Are you eating healthy? In the summer months partying with excessive alcohol drinking seems ideal. A lot of us tend to forget that alcohol is also the go to for helping a lot of us cope. Too much indulgence in addictive behavior such as heavy drinking is important to monitor. It certainly harms us before it does any good. Focus on all things healthy during this time.

Stretch Your Faith:

I published a post “5 Scriptures to Help You Cope When You’re Feeling Anxious.” This is a great start to stretching your faith. How often are you leaning on God? Are you calling on him when you feel controlled by evil thoughts? Are you in constant prayer, reading your bible and focusing on staying spiritually connected? My toughest moments in life were when I felt that there wasn’t much God could do for me. I felt that because he was unavailable physically there is no way that he could help me get better. That was the biggest lie I’ve ever told myself. Stretch your faith and stay rooted in it. Let God guide you to a healthy state of mind so that you can continue to live a promised life.

Let me keep it all the way real and say that depression is a demon. It has been my worst kept secret, but also being my worse enemy for so long it’s helped make me stronger. This was all out of fear. I was running from it when I should have been running toward it in an attempt to gain control. It is our belief system that helps us find our strengths. It is our strengths that get us through the most difficult times in our everyday lives. If you feel yourself feeling weary reach out to someone, anyone. My inbox is always available and open to anyone dealing with difficult times. I am here for you and we are all in this together. Here’s to healthy minds and open hearts. May we bury our demons disguised as depression so we’ll be blessed with the strength to help someone else tackle and bury their demons as well.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


8 thoughts on “How To Stay Mentally Healthy During The Summertime

  1. Great post! I find having a definite morning routine helps too, and also a small amount of exercise each day makes me feel more alert, and that appears to prevent feeling depressed. I do think the remedy to a healthy mind is not always the same for everyone, it’s good to try different things until you find what’s right for you. Good inspiration. I’d reblog for you, if you had a reblog button.

    1. Yes. It took me a minute to find what really helps me. I am still trying to find the strength to exercise LOL it’s a struggle. It isn’t the same for everyone, I agree, but sometimes our journey helps lead others in the right direction. I appreciate you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. God Bless,xo!

      1. Hello, this is such an insightful post. If I can add my 2 cents, I found that it’s difficult for me to exercise as well. What I also found is that deep stretching in the morning helps greatly! I feel looser, more relaxed and able to clear my mind while doing so. Thanks again for this. I wish you knew how much this blog has helped my perspective in my life..and I just found it today!

      2. Hi Nik, You’re welcome. So blessed that you found the blog. I am going to take you up on that stretching. I think it’d do us good to try it mid day as well. Another good tip that works for me is taking a midday walk. I do breathing exercises on this walk and take the time to refresh from the morning.

  2. This is so beauty!! Almost brought tears to my eyes this early Monday. Thank you! I am so glad I found your site. I’ve been battling (and losing) depression for over a decade. I’m glad this is a safe space! Thank you Ms. Amber. Love and light on your journey. These are great tips. These will be going into effect immediately.

    1. Hi Alex, so glad you found the site as well. I never want you to feel like there’s no way for you to overcome this battle. I am with you and there are many of us who are. Whenever you’re feeling like you’re having a moment please reach out to me. My email is always open. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey. You will get better. Life will be brighter. God bless xo.

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