Everything You Should Be As A Woman

Be a woman of divinity. Be a woman of purpose and strength. Be a leader because those who are leaders sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of others while never expecting a return investment. Be accountable. Be mature or better yet be a grown ass woman. Be independent. Be fierce. Be steadfast and carefree. Be intelligent. Work to be successful while always carrying the mindset you’re already there. Be more about the work and less about what comes of it. Be a go getter. Be an investor. Be a leader. Be your own person. Never lose who you are on the account of trying to be someone else. Did we say be accountable? Be so damn good at what you do that you don’t even consider competition. Be the woman so secure that she makes others want to be like her. Be a teacher. Be eager to learn. Be a traveler. Never be a follower. Be a reader and a writer. Be a listener. Be important. Be purposeful and compassionate. Be fierce. Be uniquely you. Be unapologetic for who you truly are. Be-yonce? Be flamboyant. Be relentless. Be forgiving and loving. Be daring. Be bold. Be more than sure of yourself so that you never spend a day questioning who are. Be dominant while only being submissive when it is earned. Be youthful. Be grateful. Be discerning!!!!!

Be social. Be knowledgeable. Be sure of what you want so that you’re never afraid to walk away from anything that no longer serves you what you deserve. Be educated.  Be the woman who takes nobody’s sh*t.  Be a provider without ever providing excuses. Be worthy. Be kind. Be transparent. Be fearless. Be strong. Be open to new opportunities and possibilities.  Be in touch with your emotions; never be afraid to feel what you feel. Be vocal. Mean what you say, when you say it and make others believe in it as well. Be healthy. Be reserved. Be mysterious. Be one who doesn’t seek instant gratification. Be the one who does not want for anything. Be the one who can love without acceptance from others or validation from worldly things. Be in tune with what’s going on in the world around you. Be a giver. Be a lover, fight for what you love. Be an optimist. Be alarmed of pessimist. Be in love with yourself. Be Kanye driven and goal oriented. Be able to give ideas and support why you’re giving them. Be patient. Be a business woman who’s about her business. Be comfortable and content alone. Never fear your own presence. Be the rare beauty in a room full of people. Be a believer. Be a warrior not a worrier.  Do NOT be moved by the things of this world, know and understand that time is an Indian giver. Time gives us what we need exactly when we need it. Because it is time, time has the capabilities to give and take unexpectedly. Be smart. Be aware. Just BE YOU!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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