Follow Your Heart

“My default is to always pray and talk to God if I feel uncertain. We all forget that God is our source. We all forget that when faced with uncertainty prayer and meditation holds the answers.” – AJ 

If you’ve been keeping up with all that I’m doing recently you’ll know I’ve been doing a few workshops on social media and branding. My company has been very receptive to me sharing my knowledge with others within the company, which has had a phenomenal turnout over the past few weeks.

My last workshop was held last Wednesday morning. In the end it turned into a super soul session. There I was, sitting with a cup of French vanilla coffee, coaching a few of my colleagues on the importance of following their heart and doing what they love. Sometimes we forget that our minds and fear possess the power to talk us out of our destiny. Sometimes we allow the fear of judgment to convince us that the things or people we love we’re better off without. When I was in elementary school I prided myself on being a free spirit. I did what I loved unapologetically. As a child this natural for us. It is natural for us to not know doubt, fears or limitations. But somewhere down the line those negative attributes are embedded within us.

We begin to rely that what our mind is convincing us is right and what we feel is wrong. We begin to look around seeing approval from others, in search of something that can only be found within. As I’ve grown older and get more heavily indebted in my life as a writer I’ve seen so many others ignore their internal instincts. I’ve seen so many people give way to being miserable opposed to following their hearts and being led to true happiness. My default is to always pray and talk to God if I feel uncertain. We all forget that God is our source. We all forget that when faced with uncertainty he has the answers. We want to avoid ever feeling regretful, or a lack of clarity because we refused to trust what we feel not what our fear filled mind tells us.

Had I trusted my fears I’d still be deciding on what I wanted the next few years of my life to look like, instead of following my heart and getting out there creating what I wanted. Had I trusted my doubts I’d still be waiting around trying to decide on what I wanted my brand to represent. Had I trusted other people’s opinions I wouldn’t be happy. I wouldn’t have made the connections I’ve made, experienced the love that I have or reveled in the pure joy of following my own heart. The purest, rawest piece of us is our heart. It’s compiled of all the people and things we’ve ever encountered that set our soul a blaze. You always have a choice. You can always let life talk you out of pure unconditional happiness or you can spend your life regretting the moments you refused to follow what your heart was telling you. Stay true to you. Always choose to follow your heart, but take a clear mind with you.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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