The State of Being Black In America

I have sat for days trying to comprehend and articulate what I feel internally. I’ve been speaking to people in a barely there tone while I attempt to fight back tears. I have been unable to express the emotions that run through me because they are unexplainable and borderline irrepressible. The complete disregard, exploitation and erasure of Black lives in this country has become imminent. If you are unaware of this fact you need to wake up, do some research so that you can understand the world that we live in. It is no secret. It is evident in the disdain for our murders and the audacity of those who continue to belittle our pain in the most insensitive ways, during times we need comfort and healing.

With its inhumane actions, America has proven now, more than ever that Black people as a whole are not valued here. People, predominantly those who are unsympathetic to what we’re experiencing collectively will say anything to debunk the idea that we are being wrongfully targeted, profiled and mistreated. The complete disregard for our protection, safety and our lives is loud and boisterous. For centuries we’ve dealt with the horror of being stripped from our loved ones violently and involuntarily due to racism; the very thing this country was founded upon.  We can no longer ignore the war on our people. We can no longer stand silent during our mass genocide.

All of my life I’ve been forced to mourn the death of my brothers and sisters all while I am told my feelings of emotional despair are unjustifiable because those doing the killings have the right to murder innocent people. We are force fed misinformation and untruths to support the continued misconduct of this country’s corrupt judicial system. A lot of us are struggling with PTSD as the result of watching our brothers and sisters die, on camera at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect us. Black people have been a product of systemic oppression, racism and desensitization for CENTURIES and we are TIRED!

I refuse to accept hate as my way of life because that it not the way that I was raised. I was raised to not go blind to other people’s pain and suffering. And while I do understand that not everyone was raised on the same principles and morality (clearly) when will we all see that enough is enough? Let me state for the record, I do not not hate other races I am just passionate about seeing my brothers and sisters flourish and not being killed before they have a chance to.

We are now being forced to repress how we feel and pretend that we are unscathed by the careless murders of Blacks all over this country. The erasure of our people dates back far and our lynchings and massacres often go unnoted or disregarded all together. If this country’s true history were ever taught none of us would be proud to say we are a part of it. We need to start being honest. We need to stop turning the other cheek when others are being brutalized based on the color of their skin.

You will not convince me that watching my brothers and sisters be murdered on camera is okay. You will not. You will not convince me it is okay to watch my brothers and sisters be wrongfully detained and later be pronounced dead while still in police custody. We will not sit back and continue to watch racism harm our people.

Over and over I’ve tried to process seeing the videos this week of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling being viciously murdered. Millions of us watched their lives leave their bodies and we were left full of anger and despair.  Watching these innocent men cling for their lives on video saddened me. I’ve cried more than anything because this cycle is repetitive.

Some of you feel like it’s not your business when another human’s life is taken for no reason because they had nothing to do with you and you should be reminded that Emmet Till’s mother once had those same sentiments:

Two months ago I had a nice apartment in Chicago. I had a good job. I had a son. When something happened to the Negroes in the South I said, `That’s their business, not mine.’ Now I know how wrong. I was. The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of us all.” – Mammie Till

If you continue to not see crime and genocide for what it is, you lack humanity and I am sorry to say, but you do. This is all of our problem even if you don’t accept it. Our Black boys, girls, women and men are not dying at an alarming rate due to what the laws of this country that were founded on. They are dying because of HATE. The bottom line is this country’s longstanding history of institutionalized racism has resulted in the oppression of Blacks for years. It is time for us to stop pretending like its existence isn’t running rapid in our communities.

If you choose to remain silent in situations of injustice, you’ve chosen hate. Period! If your only act of service to this long standing problem is 140 characters, you’ve chosen to not fight at all. If you’re living in fear and being fed the poison of the media you’ve chosen to allow the very people who are responsible for all of this to be your resource and that’s useless. If you’re neglecting the opportunity to better yourself during these times you’re missing the point. We cannot continue to lead our youth down a path of the same destruction. We have to abandon the mindset we’ve forcefully adopted. It will not pay you to keep relying on the same beliefs.

You want results? You have to reprogram. We can’t stay the same and pass on these same generational curses. We cannot lead a revolution with an institutionalized mindset. We also cannot continue to support our own demise while choosing to divide our own people. You cannot pick and choose which of us you will support based on contingencies. Let’s be clear, you cannot be a voice for hate and state in the same breath that someone isn’t dark enough to be a voice for you. There is nothing neutral about what we’re experiencing. There is no gray area. If someone has to look a certain way or have to have a certain occupation for you to care about their life I can’t address you, you know where you stand. Please, let’s stop pretending America isn’t up in flames. Stop being blind to the modern day lynching of our people.

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2 thoughts on “The State of Being Black In America

  1. My sentiments exactly, Amber Janae. I am to the point where I begin to feel nausea whenever I hear, see or read a Negro posting any and everything in attempts to downplay the TRUTH about the state of Our People and Community. The cancer of hatred, self hate, and apathy is sickening and the direct results of the systemic racism & sin in America and the world. Please know, that we have Brethren still in chains in Papua New Guinea, and in the lands down-under, whom seek to remain true to their aborignal culture and are also greatly discriminated against and grossly mistreated.

    It’s bad enough to hear “All lives matter” EVERY TIME someone says “BLACK LIVES MATTER” after the murder or egregious mistreatment and injustice of a Black Life, by a white or non-African Native American, but to hear it from the mouths of our own ignorant folk is worse! I have burned bridges even with some family members because of my postings exposing and calling for actions to effect change in this nation. I’m nauseous from ignorant Negroes who want to appease their Caucasian friends, employers, neighbors, family members etc, so much that they will say and go along with whatever the status quo dictates – thinking that, that will help them be or remain accepted…. BACA! Yes, FOOLS! They are NOT accepted, merely tolerated and used for their purposes. If WE as a People we truly accepted as equal, they wouldn’t be making the comments that they do; they wouldn’t chant “all lives matter” when a Black life is taken- especially in light of clear indisputable evidence.

    We owe it to Ronnie Settles, Eula Love, Ray Vitte, Dolores Young’s unborn daughter, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin’s little brother, Philando Castile’s 4yr old Daughter, countless others & OURSELVES as a whole, to STOP the madness by enacting the CURE to the malignancies of police brutality, murder, subterfuge and other malicious malfeasance, and the miscarriage of justice that follows, by banding together in UNRELENTING UNITY, ONCE AND FOR ALL! After the Holocaust, my Jewish Brethren said, “NEVER AGAIN- AND HAS MADE GOOD ON THAT!” This is why you don’t hear or see of this happening to a Jew or in the Asian Communities- the powers that be recognize “their power”, and the fact that these communities KNOW how to USE it!

    AmberJanae, Dearheart, “YOU ARE SO RIGHT”, remain blessed!

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