7 Ways to Stay Inspired During The Second Half of The Year

FullSizeRender (31)Yes, we’re halfway through 2016, eek! And no, you’re not dreaming. As much as I wanted to panic realizing this, I had to give myself a pep-talk. It is actually pretty normal for me to shrink back as the year begins to wind down. I figure that the last several months of the year are essential for family time and getting prepared for what’s to come for the New Year. What if it didn’t have to be that way though? What if the second half of the year was the time to kick your work ethic into overdrive and make more things happen. What if we were inspired to keep the same motion going throughout the second half of the year just as we started the first half? If we did this often there would be no need to start fresh come January or wait for the new year to set goals or resolutions. Here are 7 things to remember that are sure to keep you inspired during the second half of the year.

Don’t Lose Your Momentum:

As I stated above, I have a history of slowing down or slacking off once it gets closer toward the end of the year. I think of this as a time to spend with my family, get ready to celebrate the holidays and just chill. I realize that you can still find a healthy work/life balance and keep your momentum going. Stay busy and never stop working to make things happen.

There is Still Time:

I hate to hear others say well there is always next year… No the time is always now. If you had an idea in mind and you weren’t able to fully execute it this year, so what. Start implementing a game plan now so you can prepare for a first of the year launch for whatever it is you’re working on. If you don’t have a job and you’re in need of one, don’t waste time letting the summer pass you by, start your active search now. Don’t slack off only to start at step A. at the beginning of the year. Start now so by the time the New Year comes you’re bringing your vision(s) to life.

If It Hasn’t Happened it Doesn’t Mean It Won’t:

Timing is everything. I catch myself being fearful that certain things in my life may never manifest. It’s so important for you to remember that just because God hasn’t presented it to you, yet, it doesn’t mean he never will. Stay consistent. Stay patient. When it’s time, everything you desire will manifest into your life. It’s only the second half of the year. There is still time for life to happen and God to work his magic. As long as we continue in our life pursuits persistently and faithfully, all will work out for our good.

Discouragement and Fear Have 1 Major Thing In Common:

The one major thing these negative traits have in common is faith in God and faith in yourself trumps them all. There is no time to focus on the attacks against you. There is no time to live in fear. There is no room for constant discouragement. Ask God for strength, an open mind and the courage to put forth the effort to continue pressing on.

Self-Doubt is A Personal Thing:

You have to believe in you to be 100% successful. Oprah did not get to where she is today constantly doubting her abilities. I can tell you all day long that I believe in you, but ultimately what good does my beliefs do if you lack belief in yourself? It is what you feel and believe that will inspire you to keep going even when the road ahead doesn’t look promising. Stop self-doubting, you’re only slowing up your own progression by doing so.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risk:

I often think about where I would be had I chosen to not jump head first into some things. Calculated risk often mean trying new things and ignoring the fear of failure. In order to be successful we have to take risk, not worrying about the outcome. I feel a lot better knowing I took the risk. Even if it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I know what to do differently or what not to do at all the next time around. As the great Karen Civil would say “I Bet on Me!”

Take Time for You:

I am the queen of running myself to the ground and not taking time for me. I have this mindset that if I am not working on something I am wasting time. I have worked so hard lately to kill this mindset. It is okay to have balance in your life. It is okay to treat yourself. It is okay to not be consumed with work every day of your life. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. No matter how hectic life gets be sure you’re always dedicating time to Numero Uno.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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