How Your Lack of Self-Love and Bad Behavioral Patterns Are Stopping You from Success

FullSizeRender (1)God created us to love and be loved. I’ve always believed two things, one being that our greatest purpose here on earth is to love. Secondly, everything we do should always been rooted deeply in love. So what happens when we can’t meet those expectations for ourselves? What happens when we stop loving us? What happens when we can’t explain why we can’t seem to accept anything related to ourselves? Life just stands still. When we possess the inability to properly care for ourselves a lot of what we consume ourselves with lacks substance. Life almost crumbles without proper self-care and nurturing. When we love us and feel good about us, we feel good. Proper self-care/ self-love allows us to put our best foot forward in life. When it’s missing all else lacks guidance. A lot of us don’t’ realize that our success in life is very much dependent on our level of love for self. Here’s how your lack of self-love and care, coupled with bad behavioral patterns are limiting your success and progression in life.

You Lack Confidence

When our confidence is low we don’t believe we’re capable. When we have difficulty in believing in us we have a hard time believing we can do anything else. Our lack of confidence makes us feel incapable and inadequate in our everyday lives. When our self-esteem is low we face the struggle of tackling new opportunities or living up to our highest potential in existing ones. We can overcome this by implementing daily practices to help us feel better about who God created us to be. A post I wrote titled “Check Your Security Level with Yourself may be a good post to reference for help with overcoming this struggle.

You Live In A Constant State of Comparison 

You can’t seem to focus on what you have going on because what others are doing is so much more appealing to you. When we become obsessed with the act of comparison we are stealing our own joy and depriving ourselves of what it is we need to be successful in life. It’s really hard to achieve success when we stunt our own accomplishments by judging how good it is or isn’t based on someone else’s life. The easiest way to find success outside of comparison is to focus on you and you only. Yes, it’s far more easier said than done, but you can’t spend your life comparing your story to other people’s highlight reel.

You Pour More into Others Than You Do Yourself

It’s common for us to want to give a little more than we have to give. It’s also even more common to pour into others because we assume they’re capable of fulfilling the things only we have the power to. When dedicating more time to others than we do ourselves we miss the opportunity to take control of our lives. We give more power to others, which ultimately results in us failing ourselves. No relationship is worth your health. No relationship is worth you risking your life to save the relationship before you save yourself. Our inability to dedicate time to ourselves leaves us deprived in the places we need to thrive and be successful. See this previously written article that’ll inspire you to always choose you first. “When’s the last time you chose you?”

You Put More Emphasis on What Lacks Importance 

Sometimes we care too much about being the center of attention. Sometimes we care too much about being liked or accepted by others. A lot of the times we care too much about having the perfect relationships or being wealthy material wise which stunts our growth successfully. The more we pay attention to what isn’t important, the more difficult it is to focus on the important things that lead us to success.

You Support Dysfunction and Destruction

A lot of the times our lack of success is largely due to us supporting negativity. While certain people and situations may drain us, it’s the support that we feed the situations that end up depleting us, leaving us unmotivated and unable to perform in everyday life. We don’t like the way dysfunctional, destructive relationships make us feel, but we hold onto them because something is better than nothing right? Wrong! We have to learn when dysfunction is causing us to self-destruct.

You Lack Emotional Stability

When our emotions are up and down and we lack the strength to control it we’re unpredictable creatures. In our everyday lives this is unhealthy because we tend to project all of our negative feelings and emotions onto others. No we cannot control when life throws us a curveball. No, we cannot control when bad things happen to us. What we can control is how we deal with all of it. You can allow it to become you and affect how you navigate through life or you can simply learn to manage your emotions effectively without letting it tamper with how productive you are in your everyday life.

You have sole control over your entire being. If you don’t commit to loving yourself completely, you run the risk of living an unfilled and unhappy life. When we don’t feel good about ourselves it’s really hard to perform at our highest potential. Get comfortable with loving you.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


4 thoughts on “How Your Lack of Self-Love and Bad Behavioral Patterns Are Stopping You from Success

  1. This was a great read! Life lessonsI had learn to learn the hard way. Its not always easy to break the chains of negative self thoughts. The important thing is to recognize it as a personal obstical and to improve upon it.


    Very helpful

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