When Souls Collide

We chased the moon and the stars together but was that too much? We held on forever was that not enough? We fought waves and currents. We chased away trials and tribulations as heavy as the ocean’s shore. And still with every breath my heart yearns for more. There’s a deep yearning. Almost feels like disconnect or lack of some sort. It’s a disruption in my spirit, a troubling feeling I can’t explain. But when the world is at ease and my heart is at bay, all I know is your name. I get lost at the thought of your smile. I lose my mind at the sound of your voice.

Your sweet words so captivating, like music that makes my soul rejoice. But what does this all mean? What is written in the stars for us? Where are we going? Afraid to continue on this windy road of carefree love without me knowing. I can’t afford to know if this isn’t going to last always. I can’t afford to know that your heart, soul and time isn’t devoted to only me. I can’t afford to wake up one day it all be shredded to pieces.

Today I realized that the completion of my transformation to my true self is what brought us back together. All tears, pain and sorrow of the past are worth each moment I spend unraveling this thing called life with you. I’m not afraid to live without you because I have experienced it before. But it is with you that I know joy and the power of being sacrificial for love.

So my fear does not reside in separation because life in this present realm is proof that separation means nothing to two twin flames. We were eager to feel again all of what we knew once existed. This is why we clung so hard to the idea of a perfect love. We’ve known it to be possible because we once lived it. I see you. More importantly I feel you. You’re a reminder that release of the old me, detachment from the ego and acceptance of my true self leads to fulfillment that the heart couldn’t fathom here in this material realm. We are a living example of what it’s like when souls collide on the other side. Burnt to ashes and swept away by dust. I don’t know what the future holds but I pray it’s in relation to us.


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