How to Live Life As An Empath

Tiff R.One day, many years ago someone cared enough to send me an article on empaths and how not being aware of this trait can be physically and mentally draining. Possessing an innate ability to intuitively perceive another living beings exact emotions is both amazing and frightening for me. My empathy is most effective with the people I love. It is also always on point with those I do not know very well that do not have my best interest at heart.

Living as an empath you’re unconsciously consumed by other people’s energies whether positive or negative. Having empathic abilities is both a gift and a curse. While being able to openly feel what is outside of you in terms of other people’s feelings/emotions, you’re often blind to your own needs and desires. For the most part, empaths hate disharmony and if the energy is off so are we. I am big on protecting my peace and if you’re in support of the disruption of it, I don’t fear cutting you off. A lot of us are living as empaths and don’t know it or worse, we know it but are unaware of effective ways to deal. I wanted to provide you with a few tips to help you live as an empath and not be taken advantage of.

Dedicate the Start of Your Day to You and Only You

I have said this over and over again. I’ve written it in previous blog posts, I’ve done a thread on Snapchat as well as Facebook. I start my morning focusing on me because it helps me to be in control of myself and the tone I set for my day. When I start my morning focusing on myself I am in full alignment with my own personal feelings/emotions. I know that positivity is the tone I wish to set for my day regardless of who or what I interact with throughout the day. This enables me to be of service to others without absorbing their energies or emotions, especially if they’re negative.

Yes, It Is Okay to Demand Better Treatment of Others

For a really long time I lived in fear of demanding better treat from others. I thought that if I vocalized my needs that it would make the person upset or even worse make them want to walk out of my life. As time progressed, I learned that I am in control of my happiness and if others don’t align with that, I have the right to walk away. The more I know myself the more I know when someone isn’t giving me what I need. If they want to do better after I express my concerns, great. If not, they can go. If you’re demanding better treatment and they put up a fight it is a sign that they weren’t all about you to begin with. Remember, you come first. If It no longer serves you, dead it!

Learn to Say No

My biggest problem as an empath is that I strive to make other people happy always. This crazy obsession I have with pleasing others has led me to ignore my own needs. Working “no” into my vocabulary has eliminated a lot of stress and hurt. Learning to say no will help you a whole hell of alot overtime.

People Will Hurt You and That is Okay

When you’re hurt it isn’t the end of the world. A large part of human interaction is discovering that not all interactions are meant to last a lifetime. Some of our deepest connections in this realm is all about emotional strength, deepening the relationship with our true self and developing a greater spiritual connection. What has hurt me has also succeeded in making me stronger and developing me on my journey here. It’s not the end of the world when others cross you. Forgive them because it’s a necessity to live an emotionally healthy, well balanced life, but never forget.

Don’t Force Yourself to Be Social

A problem I used to struggle with. I often feel like being alone with myself. I used to assume that this desire wasn’t normal, so I’d force human interaction and end up miserable. let’s face it, empathy has a very small amount of normalcy. Spending time alone is key for gaining a better understanding of your own emotions and thoughts. Another important thing about socializing is when you are in an environment with others, be social. I often get super anxious in huge crowds and I am always in fear I am being judged or talked about. When you force yourself to interact and be social it keeps your mind off the desire to know other people’s thoughts.

Self/Personal Expression is Necessary

Be creative. Spending time writing down your thoughts and feelings really helps you to better understand yourself and what you’re dealing with. Draw, paint, color. Often times my creativity helps shed light on things that are affecting me emotionally that I didn’t even realize. The more you understand self and you’re comfortable with you, the less the world around you sucks.

You Can’t Save People Who Don’t Wish to Be Saved

The worse trait about us empaths is we over extend ourselves even when we’re being rejected. We try our hardest to be in support of people who clearly want to stay dormant. Trying to save others will actually drain you before it helps them grow past the level that they’re on. Save yourself the struggle and carry on.

Use Your Empathy for What It’s For, Healing

The upside to being able to be in tune to other people’s energies, thoughts and emotions is it enables you to better assist them in healing. A key important factor in helping others heal is you, yourself HAVE to be healed first. Heal yourself before you devote your time to trying to heal others. Nothing worse than offering advice that is derived from unhealed emotions. Neglecting your own need to heal only further stunts your emotional progression. You can’t attempt to help others heal while ignoring your own personal healing.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.

Photo Cred: Tiffany Reid | Senior Fashion Marketing Editor @Cosmopolitan Magazine


6 thoughts on “How to Live Life As An Empath

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this blog! It’s a great feeling to know that I’m not the only one who feels everything that you posted… And trust me I do mean EVERYTHING! I’m trying daily to learn things that I can do to balance being an empath. I’ve started to make changes and it’s been uncomfortable but yet relieving all at the same time. If any, can you please share or recommend some things in detail that can be done in the morning to dedicate that part of the day to myself? When I get up in the morning I don’t normally have time to dedicate time to self because I’m rushing trying to get myself and my daughter together for the school and work day ahead. Again, I thank you for sharing! Please continue to inspire and uplift! Be blessed and enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Hi Mikea, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate the positive feedback. When you make the changes to your life for yourself it can be a bit uncomfortable. The best part of being uncomfortable is feeling the change and trusting in that process no matter how foreign it may feel to you. The fact that you’re even taking the time to make adjustments says that you want more for yourself and your daughter. In the mornings try waking up about an hour or 30 mins earlier than normal to get that “me” time in before you go out into the world. Trust me, it really helps. I wish you nothing but love, blessings and success. Please keep in touch, xo!

      1. Thanks for responding back! As of tomorrow I will start waking up an additional 30 minutes before I start my day and exercise some positive and relaxing techniques during that time! Thanks for the advice! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. This blog post has been opened on my tab for over a week now, been meaning it to read it because as soon as I saw the word “Empath”, I was like “must read”.

    Boy oh boy, do you describe me so well. Everything from how as empathetic people we avoid discord and our trait is both a blessing and a curse. The line that really hit home for me (you always have those lines in each post) is:

    “A large part of human interaction is discovering that not all interactions are meant to last a lifetime.”

    This is something I’ve come to (sadly) realise and is something that I’m learning to deal with as part of my emotional growth.

    Lovely post Amber, as per usual! 💃🏾

  3. What a beautifully written and insightful piece! I so agree that curating the energy around you is key. Also, I constantly with feeling like there is something wrong with me because I’m not as social as others. Thank you for reminding me that there is nothing wrong with valuing solitude.

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