3 Lies to Stop Believing About Yourself

fullsizerender-17One of the most difficult parts of life is always staying positive. Things happen in our lives daily that have a major effect on the way we view the world around us and even ourselves. We all go through the phase where we’re drowning in self-pity and celebrating our own self-doubts. It’s not only unfair to treat ourselves so harshly, but it has a huge impact on our productivity and life progression. Life is very simple. You are only who you believe you are. You are only as good as you believe you are. Your life is all up to you. What you project will become which is why we have to stop force feeding ourselves negativity. Here are 3 major lies you need to stop feeding yourself today.

Stop Believing You’re Not Enough

Trust that you may not always feel your best but in the moments that you don’t never believe that you aren’t enough or unworthy, you are! Your mind will play tricks on. You’ll convince yourself that setbacks and obstacles are a result of who you are which is absolutely incorrect. Setbacks and obstacles are a product of your life’s process and have absolutely nothing to do with who you are within or what you’re capable of. When you don’t get the job, the friends stop calling or the relationship ends, it’s not because you aren’t enough. All it means is that those things have fulfilled their purpose and will not align with you in your next level. Level up. Stop doubting your greatness.

You Don’t Have What It Takes

Again, your life is all of projection of your thoughts. If you convince yourself that you don’t have what it takes to do a specific task or conquer a specific quest, well damnit you won’t have it. Believing you don’t have what it takes is nothing more than you convincing yourself to operate on a lower level that stunts your productivity or your chances to go out and do something grand. You’re doing less because you believe it’s all you’re capable of. You have what it takes and you only achieve greatness by believing you possess everything within to do so.

You Should Be More Like Someone Else

I can tell you for free, there isn’t another woman walking this earth that I’d rather be. I don’t strive to be anyone else because it takes away from the beauty of who I am. Often times we’re living to appease the persona. The persona is nothing more than an aspect of the fictional character that your present yourselves to be to others. When you’re living based on the idea that you should be more like someone else you’re a makeup of everything around you and not authentically yourself. This is all the product of comparison. If I haven’t done the work to be content with myself I am going to borrow fragments of someone else’s lives to appear I have it all together when I really don’t. Stop convincing yourself that in order to be successful you need to inherit bits and pieces of other people’s lives. The universe will never bless who you pretend to be!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Photo Cred: Brittany Bell – PR and Project Coordinator at Rogers & Cowan


5 thoughts on “3 Lies to Stop Believing About Yourself

  1. I needed to read this. Your posts never fail to inspire me.

    Sometimes us women can be hard on ourselves. I tend to connect my productivity to who I am. Each failure makes me question my abilities.

    Do I really have what it takes to succeed?

    Am I of the right calibre?

    I am learning that everybody hits stumbling blocks but we have the choice to sulk about it or push forward.

    I do feel that I have to work much harder than the average person, not only due to being a black female but because I do not grasp ideas and processes as quickly as I would like.

    1. Your success is your birthright, thus the feeling or thought you need to work excessively harder for what’s rightfully yours is you being out of alignment with your true self. Your true self will know that it’s natural state of being will attract all that it radiates without the desire or need to work excessively harder to prove oneself. You are divine light and what you radiant you will attract, no extra enhancements required. Blessings. xo

  2. Just as Phoenicia said, I needed to read this too.
    I struggle with everything you’ve listed but I know for sure I’m not the only one. It’s a work in progress.

    Your words are magic to my rehabilitating soul.

  3. so very true on these three things to stop believing, it puts a damper on you and makes you loose confidence in life and yourself, thanks for sharing this your posts are always an inspiration

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