What You Need to Begin Living In The Present

IMG_0067My mind is always spinning. There is never a moment when I am not thinking of something that has happened or contemplating something that I could be doing. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t take much for me to abandon living in the now. It takes little or no effort for me to abandon my peace by reveling in thoughts of the future because I am too anxious to let God work in my life. The art of being mindful — being present, being more conscious of life as it happens is really important. Many of us fear letting go and living for the presence because letting go of our desire to control makes us feel like we’re failing or having nothing to look forward to in the future. Cultivating mindfulness really helps us find balance, be mindful of where we are in the present and enjoy it.

It also helps us to release the anxiety + fear over the things we lack control of. There are only two emotions that we live with, those two emotions being love and fear. Anything we feel outside of the two derive from them both. I am a firm believer that our anxiousness derives from living in fear of the past reoccurring. Our depression is in direct correlation to allowing our thoughts from the past to control us and take over our minds/actions. How does one begin to successfully live in the now only focusing on the present? Here are a few keys to my success with focusing on the present and living in the now.

1. Prayer

There is nothing more powerful than prayer. When life begins to shape and work in my favor I not only know that God has been hearing me, but I know that I’ve been allowing myself to trust Source to do the things that I have prayed for. When life is in a bit of disarray I simply trust that room is being made and preparing for what I have asked for. I pray for guidance and understanding which helps for me to detach form the outcome. I told a friend the other day that all though I have been doing the work to achieve what I have prayed for, just because I haven’t seen results doesn’t mean life isn’t working in my favor. God just isn’t quite ready to move on my behalf. The same applies for all of you.

2. Not Living Prisoner to Others Words or Opinions

No man can give anybody his freedom. You may enslave a man after he is born free.” – Stokely Carmichael

The above quote is written down on a post-it note for myself at work. It sits directly in my face daily. Work is the most common place that I l tend to let other people’s behavior, words or actions to get the best of me. We tend to let others negativity to live in our minds which eventually controls our actions and mood. You’re only a slave and prisoner to what you subject yourself to. Nobody can grant you freedom. You can only become a slave to others opinions or actions when you consent to.

3. Stop Living for The Future

You cannot control what is in front of you if your mind is focused on trying to control what has yet to come to you. The future is our biggest distraction that is not guaranteed. We have no real control as to how it will all turn out for us so there is no real need for us to be constantly plagued by thoughts of things that you’re unable to control. The future is out of our hands and for as long as we live trying to control it, the longer we are refusing to live in the now in peace.

4. Devote 15-20 Minutes of Your Day to Stillness 

For me, meditation and stillness really helps me to not overthink life. I meditate to calm my thoughts and really rid myself of distractions. Whenever I feel like I am falling short or subjecting myself to thoughts I cannot change, I meditate to get back into balance. Silence and stillness really helps us to create balance when we’re lacking.

5. Purge 

One day I woke and decided everything had to go. I had accumulated so much over the years and a lot of it had become unwanted weight that was bonding me to my old ways of living and thinking. Purging our lives is essential to letting go of what no longer serves us. This helps us to focus on our now moments without having memorabilia of the past, releasing all of the things that remind us who we once were. Purge your life. Cleanse your personal spaces, you mind and spirit. Only give way to all things that support your highest good.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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