How To View Your Life In a Broader, More Positive Perspective

kahlana_barfield-59Our perspective of our life has so much to do with where we are and where we are going. There are a great deal of us who spend our whole lives searching for our true selves through external forces. We attempt to try and find ourselves through jobs, different schools and the worst of all, other living beings. I’ve learned to embrace that what is truly of me and for me can never be found in anything or anyone, but me. One of my most profound lessons was learning that I am who and what I attract. I am the co-creator of my life. I am the master of my existence and what occurs in my life is all a product of my personal thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Someone said to me recently, “You make being at peace and content with life seem so easy.” I laughed because honestly, it really is easy and simple. Once we get in the habit of self-observation, we realize that we are responsible for all that occurs in our lives. We hold the key to every feeling, thought and event that we experience. What’s changed my outlook on life is, perspective and wellness. Not only has changing the way I view my life helped, but learning to quiet my mind and suspend my ego long enough to listen to my true self and honor my needs. Here’s a few things to help you see life in a broader, more positive perspective.

Life Is Always Speaking to You 

Learning this key point really helped me to redefine how I carried through life. Learning that at every moment that there is something being revealed, a message to channel or portal being opened really helped me to take my everyday existence more seriously.  We often just float by. Ignoring the signs because we’re expecting some big, extravagant, grand event to be our sign or wake up call. It’s the most subtle, discreet moments that hold so much truth and realization. We miss them being out of alignment. I accepted that life had a funny way of dealing me cards and revealing exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I became more aware. My overall awareness for life and self has opened my eyes to not taking any moment for granted. When life speaks it is our job to not just listen, but to make sure we are getting the right interpretations of what we’re being told and following it.

When Things Are Going Wrong, It is Life Trying to Move You Into a New Direction 

A concept I did not always understand. Our higher selves will always know when it’s time to depart from a specific person, place or thing. I don’t know if it was me not understanding it or me not wanting to believe it. Either way, it helps to not force ourselves to remain in place or situation that we know is only causing us pain or harm. I thought of all of the moments that I tried to force life to not break me apart from certain things. I thought of all the times I tried to force a situation not to end, when in those moments God only had a different plan. If you’re experiencing this presently or if you do in the future, don’t resist it. Resistance is a form of attachment, do not choose to stay attached to what causes you harm. The changes that occur in our lives are inevitable. In order to elevate it requires separation. Don’t hold yourself back by trying to hold on. I can honestly say there is nothing that I have lost that hasn’t been replaced with better.

The Single Best Way to Change Your Life’s Vibration is to Be Grateful for Your Life Now 

There are moments; I am sure every day that we desire more. We feel like we should be far better off than we are now. I think those types of feelings are an insult to our process. Not that I have never been guilty of it, but it’s a terrible habit to possess. How can we be so eager for more when we aren’t grateful with where we are now? We’ve been trained to attach our happiness to physical manifestations and when it arrives it still means nothing. If it doesn’t appear in the physical form then we aren’t satisfied or grateful. And when it does arrive we’re still unhappy because our happiness is tied to our internal work, not who or what we have. Our ungratefulness for our present life is only means that we’ll never be grateful with receiving what appears to be greater. You cannot appreciate what’s to come if you’re lacking appreciation what you presently have.

Loving Yourself Impossible to Avoid

One of our biggest misconceptions is, being of service in this realm means going above and beyond trying to save the world. You cannot save in others what you have not yet saved in self. You are your own savior and the work you do to transform yourself is the most important work you’ll ever do in this lifetime. You begin this process by choosing self-love. Loving yourself and the occurrences that make up that process are impossible to avoid. Serve yourself first. You’ll have greater success at leading others to abundance by focusing on yourself, loving yourself and changing your own vibrations. It is our job to live accordingly and shower ourselves with unconditional love which in turn becomes a physical example for others.

If You’re Planning on Changing Your Life, Do Not Expect it to Be Painless

I define spiritual house work as an act of caring about myself enough to cleanse and release all of what no longer serves me. I also am in full understanding that this choice to cleanse and release does not mean it will be steady, effortless and pain free. It does not mean that life will not hurt me or I won’t encounter others along the way that’ll cause me pain. It just means that my understanding of the process is greater and understood so, I no longer cling to the pain but to the lesson it served. Each time someone hurts me, I allow myself to feel what I feel but I appreciate them and love them no less. There is always something to be had or gained from anything we lose. Don’t expect the changing of your life to be painless but do expect the pain to help you become a better version of yourself.

Courage Means Doing What You Need to Do Before We Are Forced to Do It

How many times have you known you need to remove yourself from a certain situation? How many times have you avoided cutting off bad habits just because it felt comfortable? How many times have you ignored the signs to distance yourself from someone because they aren’t good for you? Our spirit will always tell us what is wrong before we ever have to question it. If you’re uneasy or experiencing uncertainty about a specific person, place or thing, leave it wherever it may lay. If you have to ask about it, or question if it’s right, it probably isn’t for you.

You are the co-creator of your life. Every day you have a choice because you are in co-creation. You are and have always been in control over your life. Every bad choice ever made that’s resulted in hurt, you’ve always had the power to control how you allow it to shape you. It is our decisions, good or bad that determine our fate. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. We are all the masters of our lives. Understanding that comes with accountability. Don’t dwell on what’s been done or what has come and gone. Dwell on the now. How can you cultivate a life that is in full alignment with your highest self? How can you foster a relationship with self that only exudes true love? This is your now, this is your moment. Whatever it is in life that you want to achieve it can be done. YOU are the master of your life. You are always and have always been in co-creation with God when it comes to your life. Your best days are yet to come. Be the master you were called to be, take charge and SOAR.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Photo cred: KAHLANA BARFIELD BROWN Editor-at-Large, Fashion & Beauty, InStyle New York via


6 thoughts on “How To View Your Life In a Broader, More Positive Perspective

  1. I’m facing some very daunting challenges in this blessed life of mine right now. This message couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks for this mortar that fits so well in a gap caused by the erosion of life.

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