Cultivating The Life You Want

love I am back from New York and I feel so refreshed and refocused. While in New York, I woke up to the sun shining through the window of the apartment I was staying in, in East Village. I smiled feeling a sense of calm overcome me. It was then that it dawned on me, I had started 2016 in New York City. Back in early January I decided to take an impromptu trip to the big city just to set some intentions and be inspired to start my year off right. I realized lying in bed that morning that I was ending my travels for the year in the same place it had started. Life really comes full circle! It was then I realized my ability to manifest and cultivate the life that I wanted with little to no force at all. All it really takes is for me to be intentional about the life I want to live. If I wanted to be happy I could. If I wanted to travel to my favorite places I could.

On the flip side, if I wanted to live life unhappy, unfilled, lacking substance and purpose I had that choice as well. Life all boils down to the intentions you set and what you’re doing to cultivate a life full of purpose and happiness. Somewhere I realized that the more I chose to live an unfulfilled life being unhappy, it would be just that and it was a fault of my own. I discovered who I was and what I wanted out of life by relying on stillness and being true to myself. I stopped living pretending to be someone I was not. I started to focus on what I was passionate about. I gave my time and attention to all the things that I loved. Here’s a short list of the many things that helped assist me in cultivating a life of peace, spiritual growth, love and happiness.

Discover Your Gifts

Sounds crazy but honoring what I am gifted at has led me to such fulfillment. It is through my gifts that I am of service to God and assisting so many people all over the world to discover the power of self-love. I realized that when i stopped trying to save the world and work on myself I had more success in helping others. What are you extremely great at? Think about that. I am very artistic in many forms, these are my God given gifts. I know that the more I work on listening to them and perfecting them, they’ll align together. Your gifts aren’t a hobby that you once saw everyone else having success with so you made it your own. Your gifts are what you’re born with. Your gifts are talents that can’t be imitated and/or duplicated because you were given them to do them like no one else. Listen to them and perfect them. Your gifts are what helps you manifest a life of purposeful meaning.

Commit to Growth and Healing

You cannot cultivate a life of fulfillment and promise holding onto old ways and bad habits. If you’re lacking and unaligned spiritually you’re struggling. Most of us don’t even realize this fact. Choosing to hold on to the past is choosing to remain stagnant. You have to want to heal and grow beyond what has caused you harm and pain. The life you want awaits you, but I can promise you it cannot be obtained by holding on to baggage or things of the past. Commit to forgiveness and healing. If you need help to get started, click HERE to read this week’s affirmation on healing and forgiveness.

Asses How Passionate Are You about What You Put Your Time Into

I always felt that what we are passionate about breed’s purpose. I ALWAYS feel like giving up when it comes to writing, but the fact that I am passionate about what I do I keep at it. You kind of discover the purposeful things in your life when you know that giving up on whatever it is isn’t an option. I know that if I were to quit, I wouldn’t just be giving up on myself I’d be giving up on all of you as well. When you’re genuinely in love with perfecting and growing in your craft that means you’re passionate about what you put your time into. This alone helps the flow of your life which helps create a more peaceful and love filled existence.

Are The Things You’re Working toward Serving the Personality or The Soul?

Sometimes we forget that our greatest gift in life is often how we work toward bettering ourselves so that we’re a leading example for others. When God puts things on our hearts, it’s never just about us. Our path in life isn’t just about helping ourselves. Yes, it contributes to our growth but most of the time our growth becomes a mirror to help others seek the same path. When we realize that the paths that we have chosen in life are assisting others in their healing we know we are moving in the right direction. We are never given tasks that solely serve our wants and desires. Our purpose in life will never include greed or selfishness. If the path your own is centered on you, greed, selfishness and control you’ve chosen a horizontal path. A path that lacks clarity, awareness and that is only satisfying to the physical body or personality and not the soul. We soon learn that the vertical path, the path that consists of awareness, love, clarity and tending to soul work is the path that helps us to cultivate a of life of purpose and meaning. We begin to care less about the benefits and accolades, but more about the people we serve and growing in love and the likeness of Source/Spirit/God.

Listen to Life, because it’s Forever Speaking to You

Whether we are listening through the waves of the universe, synchronicity, prayer, meditation or to others, we are always being assisted and guided. When we choose to really connect with our true selves and be open to the possibilities of life we open up to embracing new awakenings within. We stop seeing average and begin seeing extraordinary. Life is always leading us in a purposeful direction, but it is our job to disconnect from what we knew and connect to the unknown to truly discover our divine purpose. Listen to the guidance of spirit for it will never fail you. Whatever your purpose or calling in life trust that it is grand. We are all promised a life that is exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything that we could ever imagine. I pray that we all find the above tips of use to tap into our divine life purpose. Remember that you are co-creator. All it takes is intention for you to cultivate the life you want. Set intentions and trust your power to manifest greatness.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.



3 thoughts on “Cultivating The Life You Want

  1. Ms. WHOISAMBERJANE.COM, you’re obviously a lot younger than I. I make that observation not to be disrespectful, but instead to make mention of the wisdom you display in your musings. I enjoy your insights very much…learning a lot, although I’m “old”andblessed…hope you will be too. Enjoyed reading this piece. God bless…

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