Weekly Affirmation: All I Need is Peace and Clarity

The Super Moon in Taurus is an opportune time for all of us to seek clarity about what it is we need to bring forth peace into our lives. Ask yourself, what is that is keeping me from my purpose? What is it that is blocking me from sharing my gifts with the world? What is it that is preventing me from living in my truth and embracing all of what I truly desire? Now is the perfect time to center in and embrace stillness. Inner knowing and healing is heightened right now. Focus on releasing any blockages or past traumas that are presently holding you hostage. Any unjust behaviors that are resulting in lack of self-love, self-destruction and self-harm are now to be purged. Anything that is hindering you receiving abundance in every area of your life, release. If you feel a deep struggle in finding purpose in life seek clarity to reach whatever it is that calls out to you at this time. Now is the time to take charge of your current path, assess your surroundings and commit to releasing all of what no longer serves you. Meditation, affirmations and cleansing the mind, body, living and working spaces produces gradual healing. It is all in what you choose to commit to. 

Affirm: My inner vision is centered and focused. I commit to doing the inner work required in order for me to find the clarity and peace that I seek. I am at work with restoring my soul, mind and body to a healthy state that keeps me in balance, focused and free of distractions. I take full accountability for my life. I understand that I can no longer point the blame for the things that are not in order in me or around me. I am now mindful and fully aware when I am choosing to give my power away to the powerless. I am fully aware of all that I lack and what requires my undivided attention to purge and heal. I can no longer look around and find fault. The judgment lies within me. I express my own self clearly. I devote love, time and energy to the restoration of my mind, the ascension of my soul and the peace of my heart. I understand that my soul elevation is no one’s responsibility but my own. I purge all that is hindering me finding the clarity I need to love and become a better version of myself. Full clarity, harmony and love are within me and around me. I am divine. I am blessed. I free of any and all bondages, blockages and hindrances. I am light. And so it is! 

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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