5 Ways to Help You Identify You’re On The Right Path in Life

How do you know the path is right? How do you know that you’re know blindly leading yourself into defeat or destruction? The truth is, you never really know! Most of the time life is all in us having faith and trusting our intuition that we’re headed down the right path. It is all about navigating through, trusting the process and making sure you’re making the right decisions that are beneficial to your well-being and inner growth. Each experience was uniquely chosen and constructed to support you becoming the person you were destined to be in this lifetime. Everyone has a divine purpose. Each and every one of us has a soul’s mission. You can follow that or not, the art of free will is always accessible. But there is nothing more gratifying to the soul than choosing the path that realigns you with your highest self. As easy as it may seem to feel like you’re guided and headed in the right direction, it is relatively easy to begin to feel lost in life. There’s a silence almost. Sometimes there are no signs and you’re left feeling no sense of direction. Nothing or nobody is calling out to you saying this is it, you’re doing it right or no, don’t go that way.

This because you’re always being assisted but nobody, not even God or your spirit guides will hold your hand and lead the way. No one can do the work for you. And frankly I don’t know anyone who would want to. We may feel lost at times but we never really are. You always have the opportunity to redirect your path or change the course of your life. Feeling off track is often caused by thoughts plagued with fear. In most cases our feelings of not living a meaningful or purposed filled life is us being out of alignment with our true selves. Our journey in this realm is determined by two things, how well we handle everything thrown our way and how concerned we are that we possess the proper tools and necessities required to handle everything presented to us. How are you ensuring your journey is a positive, healthy one? Life is full of twist and turns. Even traveling on the right path we are sure to encounter experiences that show up to test our faith and push us toward healing, inner expansion and greater consciousness. How do we even know when the path we’re headed down is the path for us? I am going to share 5 tips to help you see you’re on the right path in life.

Trusting Your Own Intuition More

You are a divine creation of the infinite being we call God. You are a makeup of this beautiful universe. Everything that exists within the universe, exists within you. Do you truly believe that you hold no power? Do you truly believe that all that you feel holds no weight? Trusting in ourselves is imminent. That intensified feeling you get in your gut when you’re embarking on a new journey and it doesn’t feel right but you pass it off as fear, that’s nothing more than your higher-self nudging you, trying to get your attention. It’s a warning to trust what you’re feeling, that it is not just fear. You have to trust in your own power wholeheartedly. You know how you feel a sense of doubt from that woman or man you’re carelessly trusting and jumping into a relationship with? That’s nothing more than your intuition ensuring you that the doubts you feel are sure and true. When your gut is telling you to walk away from something or someone, leave before you destruct. Trust your inner knowing because it is the key that is guiding you.

Becoming Less and Less Concerned With the Opinions of the World

Opinions, we all have them but not all of them are are always worth anything. Allowing other people’s opinions or views determine your life is the biggest mistake that you can make. Disconnect from the desire to feel validated or affirmed by how people feel about you or what they think of you. I am only here to be of service to God as you are. Our job is not, has not and will never be to please man. Which means man opinions are null and void. Confidence in yourself is essential on your journey, therefore relying on what others think and feel shouldn’t be of concern to you. Your journey is solely yours and you should treat it as such, always. You have to grow to learn what it feels like to not let other people’s opinions or assumptions shape the way you feel about you and your path. Silence the world and change your life.

A Shift in Negative Surroundings + Situations and Relations

When you elevate so does everything and everyone around you. If it isn’t or doesn’t elevate with you that is fine, it just means it wasn’t meant to. I have made a multitude of mistakes in my life. Most of the mistakes I’ve made were a result of me choosing to remain in state of negativity and not choosing to elevate higher. Being surrounded by negative people or willingly indulging in negative situations was the course of my life for many years. You can always take comfort in the fact that your mistakes may someday serve as the source that guides you to greater. A change in course is always followed by you realizing that you’re tired of your own shit. You’re tired of your poor choices and decisions and ready for a life transformation. Elevation requires separation. You know you’re headed on the right path when you begin to take control over your own life. It’s your job to remove negative people and choose to be surrounded by positive influences and attracting positive situations in your life daily.

Live In Peace and Love

I was once a very paranoid, unhappy and self-destructive being. I reveled in a lot of negativity and my life reflected negativity and failures simply because it is what my vibration attracted. When I chose to love me better my perspective on life shifted. My love for self became what I attracted to my life. As my vibrational being shifted so did my life. The moment I devoted every waking moment of my existence to serving God and being a better version of myself I changed internally thus creating a shift in my external environments. All I know is love. I choose love in every situation no matter if it is good or bad. I choose to love everything despite the outcome. I choose to see the beauty in every situation no matter what occurs. I choose to live in peace because that is the only way for me to remain focused on my purpose here on earth. Love everything and everyone and do it peacefully. You know you’re on the right path when you’re anticipating the future because your peace internally and your love for all things allows you to trust the path ahead is bright.

Staying Focused Your Own Path

You only lose sight of your path when you’re worried about the path of others and not your own. What becomes a distraction to us is our attempt to recreate or travel down a path that was never intended for us to begin with. Sometimes we get caught up in the successes of others. We get caught up in the idea of someone else’s life without any true knowledge of what they had to go through to get to where they are. In order to develop a sense of contentment or be at peace with where you are presently you have to first realize that what is for you is for you. Stay focused on what is ahead of you and not what everyone is doing around you. Concentrating on your own path is the only sure way to keep navigating in the right direction.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Photo Cred: Adereni Fashokun – Co Founder of WE Brunch Events –  Adereni.com 


3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Help You Identify You’re On The Right Path in Life

  1. So true. We must all stay focus on our own paths and stay true to our intuition. I did a piece similar to this a few weeks back so I totally understand where you’re coming from. This is GREAT!!! Best wishes to you!!

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