5 Self-Care Tips to Better Embrace The Holiday’s

7xnnawijtcm-william-stittThe holiday season for most of us is the happiest time of the year. But it is also a very challenging time for a lot of us. It’s a pretty tricky time of the year. We are bombarded with a lot of things that we would more than likely would like to see less of. It’s common to see holiday decorations mid-October and it’s overwhelming as hell. The most important thing is that we are practicing self-care. As long as we are actively taking care of ourselves and enjoying life’s blessings, it’s all that truly matters. We often neglect ourselves because we let the frustrations of this time of year get the best of us. Some of us have to work. Some of us are miles away from home and are unable to travel to be home with our families. There are many of us who are mourning the loss of family members or someone near to our heart and we’re dreading this time of the year.  And, then there are those of us, no matter how blessed we are, that pride ourselves on being The Grinch, simply because we can. Don’t be ungrateful, many would kill to be where you are this time of year.

While it’s a joyous time for a lot of us, there are a large group of us who absolutely could live without the holiday season. This time of the year should mean family, food, love and the biggest treat of all, giving.  There is so much going on in the world. I would like to be the first to encourage all of you to open your hearts (maybe even homes) to those in need during the holiday season. You just never really know what someone is going through. If you’re one of those individuals who are prone to having a difficult time with handling the holidays, I’ve compiled a list of self-care practices that’ll help you better embrace the holiday season.


1. Think Moderation

Most of us get overwhelmed with the Holiday Season because one day it’s Easter Sunday and the next day we are putting up Christmas decorations. Yes, time flies quickly. I’ve found the key to handling the holiday season is to take it in, in moderation. It’s perfectly fine to not over-indulge like the rest of the world. Shop when you feel like it. Don’t force yourself to decorate your home if you’re not feeling it. And most importantly, if you have family members who bring you down every year, go spend the holidays with others who uplift you. You can always spend the holiday’s with your besties family, co-workers or if you’re dating, I’m sure your boo’s family will happily have you.The biggest self-care tip is to do the least of what makes you think of this time of the holiday season as a terrible time of the year.

2. Donate Your Time to Giving Back

Instead of spending time alone or with people who don’t bring out the best in you, seek out volunteering for a few hours on major holidays. This way you’ll feel good that you’re devoting your time to those who are underserved + less fortunate, but you’re not spending the day alone and feeling down about being alone.I do not know about you all, but nothing makes me happier than seeing other people smile. If you’re going to be alone during the holidays by force or by choice, the best way to change the mood is to give back. Here’s a few ways to donate your time. Buy gifts for underprivileged children. Volunteer at a local kitchen to pass out food or just be of service to those in need at shelters. Donate to a family you know is in need. You can also buy things in bulks such as food, sanitary supplies etc. to drive around and pass out to those you see in need. There are so many options for you to donate your time to those who need it. If you’re experiencing a rough time during the holiday season, there is nothing that cures that more than helping someone out who’s less fortunate than you are.

3. Keep Your Expectations Low

I remember one year when I was so pumped about the holidays, gathering with family and having an overall amazing holiday season. My expectations were on steroids lol. It turned out to be the crappiest year ever. I cried a lot. I wasn’t in the spirit and I may have even avoided family all together on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. When we go into things expecting the most of others we often set ourselves up for failure. Especially if we have our hearts set on others showing up and showing out and they end up not delivering. A lot of you will be anticipating certain gifts or people to provide in a way that you’re unable to do so yourself. In my unpopular opinion, the gift of love and quality time outweighs anything material around the holiday’s. A lot of us are hoping to get that text from Bae telling us to slide through and meet the fam and if none of this happens we hate the world. Limiting what you expect of others helps you to stay in balance and appreciate this time of the year exactly for what it is. Giving thanks and acknowledging love. Keep your expectations low and your joy on high this holiday season.

4. Remember You’re Not Entitled to Follow the Norm

You don’t have to stick with traditional holiday practices. If it puts you at ease to celebrate low key or not celebrate at all do just that. If you believe that spending obscene amounts of money take away from the true meaning of the holidays then don’t do it. It’s also okay to come up with all new traditions. I plan to start traveling during the holiday season when I have my own family. Once I was old enough to understand the true meaning of certain holidays and the history behind them, it kind of changed my perspective. I think traveling or simply creating my own tradition will help ground me and not feel like I am forced to be apart of traditions I may not wholeheartedly support or agree with. If you want to start by traveling alone, even with a little mini getaway, do what sets your soul on fire. Create what makes you feel at ease and your heart at peace. You’re not entitled to follow the norm.

5. Keep Ourselves + God First

Last on the list, but certainly not least. We tend to forget the power of God and all that our divine source is capable of. We often neglect ourselves and forget our own power because this is a time of the year when our dependency on others is heightened. We lose our way but that is okay. The focus should always be on getting back centered and realigning with the true essence of who you are. Remember that no matter who is not around in the physical form you are never truly alone. Most voids or absences that we may feel during the holiday season is a result of being disconnected spiritually and not fully trusting in the power of what exist within us. Focus on the relationship that matters most year round which is the relationship with your highest self and honoring God while doing so.

Happy Holidays, Lovelies from myself and all of my beautiful friends!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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