4 Ways to Help You Design Your Best Life

“You have the power, permission and strength to step out and create your own magic.”- AJ

FullSizeRender (59)It is amazing how many things I actualizing simply by committing to it’s manifestation. When I worked as a part of the media team for Oprah’s “Life You Want” tour it was a life changing experience. Not just because it was Oprah, but I left that event feeling like it was the first day of a new life for me. I will forever carry with me her words “You are the co-creator of your life.” Many of us don’t realize that we are in full control of our lives. We possess all of the power to co-create with God + Universe and design the life that we want. Designing the life that you want means getting in alignment, having discipline and not being afraid to step out and set intentions for yourself. You have to know what you want and be abundantly clear about all of those things. Here are my key points to designing the life I want.

Having an Understanding of Your Own Power

Not understanding the power we possess leads to us feeling incapable and inadequate quite often. When we are aware of our own power we live life knowing just how capable we are of making all that we want happen for ourselves. Knowledge of your individual power is a major key in designing your best life now.


Learning to adapt to a variety of environments and situations helps to prepare me for change. You never know what direction life will take you in. The ability to adapt to whatever, wherever is the easiest way to accept sudden change. I may not always agree with or approve of a particular situation(s), but I know that if I’ve been presented with it there is something for me to gain from it. So my key is to adapt, live for the experience while trusting nothing in life is by chance or coincidence.


I always reflect on how far I’ve come in terms of loving myself. The journey has been a tough one. I love and accept myself for all of the woman that I am. You have to be fully aware of self, accepting and in love with all of who you are in order to live your best life. If you’re focused on designing your best life, it’s difficult to do that being unhappy with who you are. As an individual, lack of self-understanding and self-love leaves us very limited. When I failed to know or understand me I was accepting of far too much that was actually hindering me before it was helping me. When you love you, you attract people and situations that are in tune with how you feel about yourself. Trust me, when I learned to love me everything else followed.

Remaining Mentally Healthy

For many of us who have or are still presently struggling with mental illness know that to stay healthy is a lot easier said than actually doing it. I realized that my life was a product of my thoughts. Underestimating the power of the mind leads us down roads of endless self-destruction. Now when I have certain thoughts I focus on channeling more positive once opposed to letting all that is negative run rapid through my head. Literally everything that I was thinking I was attracting into my life, good or bad. In the past it was always more bad than good. I had the make the decision I wanted better for myself and that came with learn to know when I was self-sabotaging with my thoughts. The law of attraction is very much real. My challenge to stay healthy mentally was my way of choosing life over death. It was my way of designing a life I wanted while not letting my imperfect past shape my future.

” Knowledge of your individual power is a major key in designing your best life now.” – AJ

You have the power, permission and strength to step out and create your own magic. Believe in your abilities. Trust that all that you desire is within arm’s reach if you just work for it. It isn’t enough to want to create your best life, you have to do the work to get there. Let me know what positive actions you’re practicing to design your best life now.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged.  Be Blessed.


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