Weekly Affirmation | Releasing Fear

Affirm: Fear has become the source of all things stunting my growth and hindering me from embracing new outcomes. I am not in the mind the mind is in me, therefore my fear based thoughts hold no weight. I refuse to let my happiness be destroyed by a fear based mentality. I refuse to let my fear of loving others block my blessings. My heart is fear free and not limited to or controlled by emotional shocks or past traumas. My insecurities will not continue to smother me. I am through with self-destruction. I am confident. I am fearless. I accept that love is my only reality. I allow my acceptance of my reality to transform me internally and externally. Fear can no longer disturb my existence. I am in constant flow with all things that support my highest good. I have chosen to relinquish my fear based mindset and step into new terrain. I have the innate ability to transmute any feelings of fear, thus enabling me to choose the path of least resistance. I no longer resist what is to come because all of my life experiences nurture and support my entire being. I understand that when I choose fear I have opted out of trusting God. I let go of any attachments to anything or anyone that disempowers my faith or causes me to question my existence. Understand that when I choose fear I have opted out of being deeply rooted in my faith. 

I release all cords and attachments to anything or anyone that actions have ever resulted in me fearing the unknown. I commit my entire existence to being fearless. I commit to take on life despite whatever feelings of fear may surface due to present circumstances. I embrace courage. I allow love to override my feelings of fear. I trust that my strength will dissolve any fear I feel.  I am in full co-creation with Source which enables me to be in complete control over my entire life. Fear is an illusion. I am too confident to let fear disempower me. I am too in tune with self to allow fear to set limitations over my life. I am more than a conqueror. I am at peace knowing fearlessness is not in control, I am.  I deserve happiness and peace, therefore I choose to abandon fear. I am longer allowing the darkness of fear to lead me.  I now fully embody love and light. Fear has no place in my life. I release, heal and transform all fear. I am becoming the peace I wish to see all around me. I clear any and all blockages that allow me to live a fear based lifestyle. I am free of fear. I am ready to embrace life to the fullest by fully releasing fear by no longer allowing it to have control over me. 

And so it is!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Photo Cred: Shelah Maria – Actress + Wellness Guru +  Online Personality.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Affirmation | Releasing Fear

  1. I am in love with this post. I think your writing is such an inspiration to me. I like that you are talking to yourself but yet spreading your message with other people. Fear is something we all constantly battle and allow to take us over. Its a mindset we get stuck in, i believe we all can overcome if we just believe in our selves but also believe in God. When we accept him in our lives we begin to accept things and no longer hinder ourselves from doing what we need to do.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you. I believe that the greatest way to inspire healing in others is to heal ourselves first. There is nothing that you are incapable of overcoming. There is nothing to fear. Always remember that your life is a product of only what you allow. Sending blessings your way love.

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