Weekly Affirmation: I Choose to Be More Intentional

Affirm: Intention creates and shapes my reality. I commit to being more intentional. Every day I intend to feel more centered as well as carry a more positive outlook on life. It is my intention to create and experience life from the only reality that truly exist, which is love. As I become more intentional, my life will begin to shift. By being more intentional I control what I accept from others and most importantly, I control what I subject myself to. It is with great intention that I will pursue a more balanced, healthier way of living. My intentional way of being assist me in releasing the illusion of being dependent on external forces in this world. The more intentional I am about how I treat and love on myself, the more I become intentional about the things that I pursue, the relationships I form with others and the ever growing relationship with myself. Because I am intentional I know that my well-being comes second to none.

I intend to feel love and acceptance from myself and in all of my personal relationships on a daily basis. I am intentional about all that serves and supports my healing and spiritual growth. My intentional way of living breeds clarity and restoration. I am intentional about reclaiming my power. I am my happiest when I choose to operate from a place of intention. I am intentional about my ability to manifest inner peace. Being intentional is the core of me living a more consciously aware life. Everything that I need to live a more intention driven life exist within me. The opportunities that I pursue are all done based on intention. I am intentional about all that create and put out into the world to serve others. I choose to release any constructs, old beliefs and paradigms that are presently blocking me from fully utilizing my creativity for the highest good of all involved. I make prosperity, peace and love my highest priority by way of intention. I confidently embrace and implement my new way of intentional living.

And so it is!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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