The Art of Reflecting and Refreshing

Due to work, life, adulting, etc, I needed a break from the Bay. So in July, when the time came for me to fly home for my family reunion, I was ready for the red eye flight which involved two layovers. I finally arrived in my hometown of Pensacola, FL. (home of gorgeous white sand beaches). This was my first time seeing my family in almost a year, so this trip was definitely needed. It is always a good time with family, and luckily it was our family reunion (which meant bonding over food, particularly seafood because FL seafood is EVERYTHING)


During the week while everyone was at a work, I decided to take a self care day to just


Sometimes you have to sit in a room, turn the lights off, and just look at the ceiling for a hour with no distractions. When was the last time you took the time to do nothing besides relax your mind? In the words of my mommy (& probably 99% of moms in America), “You always on that phone!” So when your mind is racing daily; taking the time to chill is necessary in order to gain


We all go through challenges, and we all have goals that we want to achieve. However, we can’t be so critical of ourselves. I went to a seminar at work, and the speaker said “Would you talk to your daughter/best friend the way you talk to yourself?” It’s easy to be negative when things don’t go the exact way that we want or if you haven’t reached a certain goal you are working towards; however, we have to be more kind to ourselves. I know it’s easier said than done. Trust, I am my worst critic. However, they key is using these moments to pause to

Reflect on your wins and understand how your losses were actually lessons.”


After a much needed week, it was time to go back to the Bay aka reality. I guess sitting on the beach eating Chick Fil a and reading Fast Company can’t last forever.

Then August comes at full force, and I wasn’t ready. I told myself I would chill that month, but survey says that was a lie. Every weekend there was something that needed to be done while playing catch up for the week before. Thankfully, I was able to use that last weekend of the month to


In the beautiful mountain of Ukiah, CA. A group of 14 creatives gathered in a home to plot their world takeover, just kidding. Kinda. The retreat allowed everyone to be removed from their daily environments with no distractions. I barely touched my phone (and if you know me, you know that is a feat). To spend a weekend with ambitious and brilliant people who are passionate about their goals and dreams is a blessing. Something I learned is that it is so important to understand not only your WHY, but also your WHAT. What are your strengths/weaknesses and how they contribute to your craft? What allows you to work at the most optimal level and the environment that is needed?  In all, I was just so grateful for the opportunity to.



Taking the time to unpack all my ideas and thoughts allowed me to achieve clarity on a few projects that I have been working on by reinforcing my WHY and understanding my WHAT. Whether it is a creative retreat, a self care day, or any activity that allows you to reflect and refresh, make it a priority. Take care of yourself: your mind, your health, your spirit, your energy, all of it.

Refreshing allows you to Pause for Perspective. Reflecting allows you to Unpack and Unwind.”

img_0351Kimberly Gant is the creator of All That Is Kim, a blog where she shares how she uses both sides of her brain while being an engineer and a content creator by writing tech & lifestyle articles as well as filming her video series, Kim In a Minute. She is located in the SF Bay Area, where you will find her exploring, capturing, and creating all while eating popcorn.
Twitter: @allthatiskim
Instagram: @allthaistkim
FB: All That Is Kim

2 thoughts on “The Art of Reflecting and Refreshing

  1. We all require time out of our busy lifestyles. It is choosing to take this time, understanding that the world will carry on. It is all too easy to burn ourselves out, we are then of no use to anyone and often become martyrs when it is of our own doing.

    What beautiful views you captured in your photographs – breathtaking. I truly need some sun!

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