2017 Intention Worksheet

78868406fdc9744e39a371a24fa28682I created a worksheet for you all to set your intentions for 2017. Write down who you intend to attract, what you intend to attract. Claim that new job or promotion. Claim stability and new healthy friendships. Write down what you intend to do. Write down who you intend to become in 2017. Use this worksheet to be intentional about the life that you intend to manifest in the coming year. Make sure you list things starting with “I am” or “I will.” Set intentions with conviction. Don’t write things such as “I wish” or “I plan.” You’re selling yourself short then. Know what you want and do not be afraid to speak it into existence. Download as many worksheets as many as you feel you need. Share with others. I just want us to all be intentional about our year to come and really take advantage of the opportunity to manifest the life we want. So what do you intend to do in 2017? Write it out now…

Download 2017 Intention Sheet Here 

Download Sheet 2 Here


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