How Mindfulness Changed The Entire Trajectory of My Life

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Being mindful is the art of being fully present in the moment. An act that almost seems foreign to a lot of us. I’ve always felt that on an individual scale, our level of consciousness is our contribution to the world. But how is our contribution healthy and balanced if we lack the ability to be more consciously alert of the world around us? Being present – in the here and now is the only way that you will meet your soul. Being mindful for me started when I invested in being in tune to my true self, discovering all of who I was, all of what I loved and cultivating a life that aligned with my discoveries. In addition to all of that, I developed a strong level of appreciation for everything along with everyone in my life. My greatest act of self-care was choosing a more mindful way of living.  It was my choice to not only get in tune with myself, it was my choice to see the beauty in all that had manifested around me.

By being present in the moment we create space to be thankful for the moments of right now. Our health becomes more important. We appreciate all that we have more. Our relationships have a little extra spark that we never once knew existed because our choice to not be fully present hindered our ability to see the magic in the relationships we’ve formed. I began creating a life centered around mindfulness early last year. My life is more than just what happens or what exist within it, it is largely shaped around my own perspective. How am I choosing to view life and the people in it? Am I being present while with others or while alone? Our perspective shapes our reality. Essentially, I wanted to put an end to letting life pass me by because I lacked the skill of connectedness. Life has now become less and less about me noticing what exists in my life – now my focus is, how I am valuing those existences.

The more mindful I became

The more I realized that a lot of what I struggled with was all of result of my lack of appreciation, imbalance(s), unhealthy habits and more. I started by embracing stillness. It was in my stillness that I realized my anxiety, unresolved pain, depression, fear, doubt and so forth were all a result of being desperate for a future outcome or being stuck in the past. The fear of the unknown is the result of being disconnected from the present. The same rings true when we’re overly invested in the past or afraid of painful, unsatisfactory recurrences. Being committed to being present created a healthy balance and supported me being able to form new habits and release all that was hindering me.

Another act that aided me in cultivating a more mindful way of living was controlling my headspace.

You’re creating your present reality whether you know it or not. With every thought that you give power to, good or bad your belief in those thoughts cause them to manifest into your life. I think we all tend to underestimate just how powerful our thoughts can be. We have the power to create whatever it is that we desire through the power of the mind. We also have the power to create the things that we do not desire if we are not careful. So, with that said, when I noticed unhealthy thoughts forming that would cause me to drift out of the present, my awareness of those thoughts allowed me to release them and focus on that moment.

Our negative thoughts often become a catalyst to judgmental thoughts or feelings that result in irrational actions. Whether these thoughts are directed toward ourselves or others, our thoughts cloud judgement. I create my own intense levels of stress and anxiety be entertaining my negative thoughts. I develop a strong sense of fear. I begin to question myself and my own capabilities and that slippery slope becomes a downward spiral. Overtime, I’ve learned the art of mindfulness had a lot to do with a healthy headspace. I now know that my thoughts are often in direct connection to my most positive or harmful behavioral patterns, my choice in actions, how I feel about myself and how I treat others.

Choose mindfulness.

Immerse yourself in your life and all that is around you. Let go of your expectations of self and others by simply being. Stop living to control the outcome and let things unfold divinely. Be open to people, experiences as well as situations from a place of curiosity. Release the need to pre-judge, over think or make assumptions. You can absolutely work hard and enjoy the life you want all while concurrently being mindful. Stop and smell the roses. When you find yourself drifting, bring your focus back and center in on where you are, who you’re with or what you’re presently engaged in. Amplify your existence and maximize the world around you by shifting your mindset. Choose to be present. Choose mindfulness. It truly goes a long way.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


12 thoughts on “How Mindfulness Changed The Entire Trajectory of My Life

  1. Yes! I have a bad habit of focusing on the future instead of the present and I feel like it gets in the way of a lot. Instead of being happy with what is going on around me at the moment I tend to think that my happiness is in the future when I accomplish my goals. This year I plan on finding happiness within in my journey and those present moments.

  2. Awesome post! This is definitely one of the things I’m working on in the new year! Did you have any specific steps you took to change your way of thinking and become more mindful?

    1. Hi Anayo, really the only thing was the feeling of not being grounded in where and who i am. feeling like i was neglecting the beauty of living in the present. that in turn created an urgency to always look toward the unknown and live in the past. that can be very harmful to ones mind and vibrational energy. One day I just decided the being present in the here and now is more important and will serve me in the long run.

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