7 Things To Add in Your Life for Better Eating Habits in The New Year

kelis-jerk-ribsWithin every new year the need for change comes right along with it. Food and health changes are always at the top of everyone’s resolutions list but half way into the month you can quickly fall off your new foods regimen. Toss out the “diet plan” and simply set yourself up for success by adding a few major keys into your everyday dining life. No need to start over or throw out any junk because let’s face it, we all need a cute sweet to satisfy us after a hard day. These 7 tips will help add some fabulous flavor into your eating routine and also make you a master in the kitchen.

Chef Knife – Everyone needs a sharp chef’s knife. One basic chef’s knife will get you through anything once you learn how to handle it properly, so it’s a great investment for the chic home chef. Remember a sharp knife reduces the risk of cutting yourself, so make sure you keep your knife in great condition.

Have A Supply Of Oils – Oil gets a bad rap sometimes but it’s actually a kitchen essential. Canola oil can be used for a variety of cooking techniques including rubbing some on a chicken or fish before roasting, sautéing vegetables or even making a quick vinaigrette. Olive oil is great to use as a marinade or make a quick appetizer dip of olive oil, crushed pepper flakes and toasted bread when unexpected guests come over. Also healthier oils like avocado oil, flaxseed oil and safflower oil are great when keeping your calorie count in check.

kelis-prepares-fig-and-onion-glazed-pork-chops.pngDry Herbs and Spices – Everyone knows herbs and spices bring tons of flavor to just about anything you cook. Having these basic spices and dried herbs in your pantry help elevate your taste buds and can also help you cut down on the amount of salt you use in your diet.

Sea salt
Black pepper
Chili powder or chili flakes
Smoked paprika
Onion powder

Ground Cumin
Fennel Seeds

Satisfying Protein – We all know consuming protein is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Keep some lean protein on hand for great go to dinner ideas like chicken, lean cuts of beef or pork or even game like duck or venison.You want to make sure your meat is grass feed, free range and cage free. This ensures that the animal has lead a healthy lifestyle, which affects the taste and quality of the meat.  I’m a meat eater but I do enjoy tofu as well as another source of protein. Firm smoked tofu is great if you need the mouth-feel of meat. Hello smoked tofu chili bowl!

Gear Up on The Grains – I love grains. Grains will also keep you feeling fabulous and full and they are also low cost and last a long time. Grains can replace the starch in your diet to keep you glowing all year long. Millet, barley, quinoa and bulgar can take you from breakfast bowls to dinner while brown rice and couscous can be replaced for lunch or brunching with your girls at home.

Learn Your Signatures – One of the best things you can do is learn how to make and master  signature dishes. Learning how to roast a chicken, make a soup, put together a great bowl of pasta and make the perfect piece of fish will help you create so many meals and reduce your need to eat bad processed foods.

Take Advantage of Your Surroundings – Your local farmers market is literally your best friend. Eating in season is a big deal when it comes to health, wellness and also your wallet. Continuously eating in season trains your body to eat what is natural and abundant to help you live a more fabulous life. It also cuts down on your carbon footprint and helps local farmers continue to provide for themselves and their communities.

Photo Cred: Kelis – Singer and Chef of Bounty&Full

IMG_7432.JPGI’m Christopher.. A Fab Girl with A Fab Name.
A classically trained chef, now food blogger, and all around restaurant lover, I have food running through my veins along with coffee, sequins and mascara. Food was instilled in me early on, and took my own unconventional route, graduating from The Culinary Institute of America working in several small and unknown restaurant kitchens here in NYC.

After many hours of sitting and reading a variety of different food blogs, I noticed there were not many food blogs written by young black women…who also have the upper hand of working in the restaurant industry everyday. That’s where I, Christopher come in. I created Eating Fabulously to give you a first hand look into my lifestyle revolving around food and restaurants  and of course……. all the while doing it fabulously.

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