4 Sunday Rituals I Swear By That Help to Prepare for A Productive Week

img_7364Sunday nights are our reminder that the week is set to begin and we need to get our shxt together. My Sunday’s are usually consumed with work, brunch or lounging around the house. However I choose to spend my Sunday, it’s become harder and harder for me to get back into the flow of the work week once Monday rolls around. A few weeks back I began investing time into new rituals that help me better prepare to start my week. I wanted to share a few to inspire you to invest more time into preparing for your work week on Sundays.

Get All The Rest You Can

I remember the days when I would be out every weekend or working non-stop. I started to notice a pattern of me being drained by the time Monday comes. I chose to reevaluate how I spend my Sunday’s for the sake of feeling rejuvenated and well rested during the workweek. Spend some time at home. Binge watch your favorite shows. Read your favorite book(s) or magazine(s). Whatever it is that gets you to spend the whole day cuddled up in bed or on the couch, commit to it. Being overly busy all day on Sunday’s is a sure way to feel completely drained come Monday morning.

Create a To-Do List

I like to the think that I can remember everything that I need to do during the week. Truth is, I forget half the things I need to do by Monday morning if I do not write them down. Keep a journal specifically for task that need to be completed during the week or purchase a planner. With this method, you’re not only keeping track of your weekly goals/tasks, but it’s teaching you to get in the habit of being more disciplined. It is how we learn to be more accountable for what we need to complete during the week.

Check Your Emails

I mean… We leave them on ignore all week long and when Monday hits, we’re struggling trying to read all 2 billion emails that have accumulated over the weekend. I know it’s dreadful, but it’s a must. On Sunday’s I spend time replying to emails and cleaning out my inbox. This makes it easier to have a fresh start come Monday morning. I also utilize this time to respond to any comments left on my blog, Facebook or any unread messages from social media. Developing this ritual has really helped me to not feel so overwhelmed during the workweek.

Clear Your Mind, Body and Spirit

My favorite thing to do on Sunday is to release anything from the day or previous week that will not serve me well during the new week. Being clear about where we stand with ourselves is essential. Knowing how to release any and all negativity will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself. I do this by taking spiritual cleansing baths, lying around listening to Jazz while writing out my thoughts and feelings or meditating. I literally spend my day doing whatever it is that I need to do to ensure that I am emotionally, mentally and physically healthy to take on the coming week.

I hope sharing my tips inspire some of you. Also, I would love to know how you’re spending your Sunday’s.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


3 thoughts on “4 Sunday Rituals I Swear By That Help to Prepare for A Productive Week

  1. Sundays are usually my relaxing days, I go to church, come back and take a nap, listen to uplifting music and journal. Other times I attend bible study and go out to dinner with a couple firends after :). Those are great ways to unwind, especially meditating.

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