Why Complaining Less is The Best Approach to A Better Life

fullsizerenderWe think of about 60,000 thoughts per day. How terrible is it that if more than half of those thoughts result in you complaining? That’s a lot of damn complaining. When we’re living in a negative head-space it can be extremely difficult to find something not worth complaining about at least once a day. Viewing life from a negative perspective can complete shift your ability to be grateful. It almost becomes a habit for those of us who live our lives this way to bring light to every negative thing that may cross their mind.

The problem with complaining is, it hinders your ability to appreciate the beauty of life despite whats going on. Your daily complaints result in you fostering a negative attitude that contributes to you viewing life from a more cynical point of view. Need tips on view your life in a broader perspective? Read Here. Even when your circumstances are terrible, there’s always something good to be dissected from the situation. Although it’s often our first resort, complaining is never the right answer. It really hinders you living a more mindful, positive life. Here’s 4 major reasons to start avoiding your desire to complain.

It Could Be Worse

I can almost reassure you that the things we complain about pale in comparison to how bad it could really be. We often go through situations assuming it’s the end of the world when it’s really just life happening. Learn to grow through what you go through. A way to change your perspective on your current circumstances is to always try to consider other people’s circumstances. Or think about a time you’ve successfully had a breakthrough when times were trying. Think of a time you’ve helped someone overcome something far more devastating than what you’re presently experiencing. The objective is to see every difficult experience as a gateway to brighter days.

Complaining Creates More Problems

When we complain we tend to stress. Stress turns to worry. Worry turns into fear and before you know it we are a ball of stress fear filled ball of worry ready to combust. We hardly realize that complaining is often the direct source to all of our unwanted emotional or mental issues. If we focused more on taking the time to accept the situation for what it is while actively finding healthy solutions to solve the problem opposed to complaining about it, we’d have better chances of tackling the issue(s) at hand.

It Prevents Us From Taking Responsibility

Yes it’s true. A lot of what we complain about we are the cause. When we complain and point the blame we are refusing to look in the mirror to be honest about ways we contributed to what we are complaining about. Yes, we fully have to the power to wreak havoc over our own lives. Less face it, sometimes it is easier for us to point the blame rather than take accountability for the role we play in our own difficult circumstances. Challenge yourself to take responsibility before seeking ways to complain about any problems you possible played a role in creating.

It Blocks Our Ability to Be Grateful

The obvious and most important factor. When focused on complaining about a specific situation our judgement is clouded. All we see is the problem. Eliminating our ability to create a solution. We lose sight of just how blessed we are when we are clouded by complaining. I remember going through difficult times, but so focused on complaining about what was going wrong I couldn’t see all that was actually going right. Sometimes what we perceive is bad is actually opening up new doors for us. Complaining creates an inability to see how great God is or even acknowledge the blessings that have bestowed in our lives thus far. Not only does complaining block our ability to be grateful, but it also blocks our ability to receive new blessings. Clear your mind. Trust your process. Stop complaining. Search for the blessing in every lesson.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


Photo Cred: Shayla Williams – Social Media Content Curator for Shoedazzle 


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