The Art Of Serving Others Through Blessings And Why It’s Important

FullSizeRender (8)Life is taking the time to care. Taking the time to stop and think of others. You really need people around who fill you up. You also have to be okay enough internally to be that same person to everyone else, even if it’s a stranger. Here at the message and motto has always been to Be Inspired, Encouraged and Blessed. I work hard to cultivate a space that encourages all of my readers to seek new ways to love themselves and pass down those magnetic feelings to others. I have always believed in sharing whatever is a blessing to me. Its a gift to be able to serve others. I do my best to encourage you all to do the same. The art of serving others is a magical one. Here is why it’s so important.

You’re Showing Others That You’re Selfless and It Isn’t All About You.

Being a blessing to others is proof that you care about more than yourself. It’s always important to bless others out the kindness of our hearts opposed to doing things in an attempt to gain something in return. I am a firm believer in God promises over my life. I trust that when I concentrate on others and not myself, God’s grace and mercy reigns in my life. It’s important that we learn the value of considering others before ourselves. When we are servants to others and God we are living life pleasing Him.

You Never Know What People Are Going Through.

My Great Granddaddy used to always tell me to never be mean to strangers. He said God is always testing you to see how you treat his Angels. It pays to be blessing to others because we live in a time where we rarely are concerned with how others are feeling or what they’re going through. We must learn to be mindful of our words and actions because we don’t know what the wrong words or behavior can trigger in a person. There were times that I was experiencing difficult moments in my life and people treated me unfairly. When it happened it made things far worse than they already were. I encourage you all to monitor your words and behavior patterns because you never know what others are presently struggling with.

 Seeking to Reconcile Tarnished Relationships May Change Your Life and Theirs.

When a relationship is broken the love and trust for that person often goes with it. I’ve learned that when others hurt it is a result of how they feel within or about themselves and less to do with how they feel about us. I remember listening to a podcast featuring Toure` Roberts shortly after my breakup with my ex. He spoke on healing and how sometimes we may never get the apology that we desire to receive. His words spoke to me. All it takes is the strength to forgive. Sometimes we have to be the bigger person and reach out. Sometimes we have to be okay with that apology we never got. I decided that I would no longer harbor on that pain and reach out to my ex. I know that it was a blessing to me because it helped me to release all of the pain and anger I felt toward him. I felt it was a blessing to him as well. He could have been feeling weights of guilt and hurt, but me reaching out could have released all of that from his life. You never know how you’ll help the other person when seeking to reconcile broken relationships.

In life it isn’t about how we are blessed, but how we are using our blessings to help others. It pays to know that when all else fails you know the power of freeing your heart and extending love and care out to others. Your energy is powerful. Your actions are a reflection of who you believe in and how you believe. May we always strive to be a representation of the most high! Cheers to being a blessing to others always.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


One thought on “The Art Of Serving Others Through Blessings And Why It’s Important

  1. I love the part where you said: “I encourage you all to monitor your words and behavior patterns because you never know what others are presently struggling with”. I need to do a better job at this because what we say to others can literally uplift or dampen a person’s spirit. I joke with people a lot and if you don’t know me well, then it’s very possible that you may take my jokes seriously. However, I know from past experience that my gift of being able to connect with others through humor is both a strength & weakness; and only God can help me maintain a healthy balance between the two. Thank you.

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