8 Things Truly Happy People Absolutely Possess and Believe In

britt-bellOne of the biggest things I’ve learned over the years is that truly happy, successful people have a good judge of character because they have amazing character traits of their own. A long time ago I knew I needed to redefine how I viewed life and success as a whole. What success and happiness meant to me years ago completely differs from what it means today. I became an observer. I realized that if I wanted to be truly happy and successful there were some things I needed to change about myself. I observed others and realized that happy people vibe differently. They don’t value the same things that the rest of the world does. Their characteristics are on another level and because of that they embody what it means to really be successful. Here are a list of character traits REAL successful, happy people possess.

Faithful Believers In The God They Serve

To know and believe in God is to trust that you are nothing without your beliefs + faith. In the world we live in, faith is the only true foundation to stand upon. Our faith is our foundation for everything and it is what will get us from one level to the next, believing that it is possible. Believing and serving more than ourselves along the way. Those of us who are truly happy and successful live our lives always giving honor and praise to the God we serve.

They Make Time For Themselves

Whether it’s staying home alone, shopping,(fiscally)  or traveling, truly happy people make time for themselves. They know that in order to be complete and whole they have to make time for the person that matters most. Life is meant to be of service to others, but you  never neglect yourself for the sake of keeping others happy. You have to be 100% whole yourself to serve the world around you, remember that.

A Strong Sense of Integrity

Any happy person has a strong sense of integrity. They believe in always being honest, making morally upright decisions, and living life morally correct. They’re not compromising who they are for the sake of anything superficial or temporary. They’re not cheating, stealing or being dishonest to get what they want. It may take them longer to get to where they want to be, but it’s always because they went about success the honest way.

Always Humble

Truly happy people never brag or boast, they are simply them. They are confident in their work but they don’t over do it. They do not equate success to their level of life accomplishments or achievements. They’re barely speaking of all that they’ve done because their work will eventually speak for itself. They’re not talking about money or what they have. They’re happy with showing a modest level of importance for all that they have done and own in life because there is more to them than possessions or status. I always look at my life and say “would people love you if you weren’t an author or a blogger? More importantly would you love and be happy with yourself without all of this?” I learned to not cling to titles or status. Truly happy people are just happy to be here, regardless of what they have or don’t have.

Drama Free Living

Rarely do you see or hear truly happy people speak badly about others. Unless you piss me off, I have no real reason to speak on you. Even then I don’t give other people all of that energy because it does absolutely nothing for me to speak negatively about someone else. Unhappy people usually find validation in speaking badly on others. Unhappy people find comfort in spreading their negative energy and wishing bad on others. It makes them feel better to find fault in others. They live and feed off drama. Truly happy people are too focused on the protection of their peace to be anything other than drama free.

Always Paying it Forward

Those who are happy believe in paying it forward. Not to receive anything in return, but simply because they want to see other people happy. When you’ve struggled to get to where you are you know what it takes. You give because you know what it feels to go without. When you’ve struggled before you bless others because you know what it feels like for God to bless you when you needed it most.

They Live and Breathe Authenticity

Happy people are living for them, not living to be liked. They’re always authentically themselves always. When you’re happy with who you are and your life you’re that same person 24/7 no matter who you’re around. You’re not worried about living up to other people’s standards or expectations. My motto is, if you can’t love me as I am than I don’t need you. Always be true to yourself!

Healthy, Happy and Thriving Friendships

Success and happiness can’t be achieved alone. Even if you only have a small circle of friends to count on you have them. Successful people build healthy relationships that thrive off of positivity. They are in competition or secretly speaking badly about their friends when they aren’t around. They love and cherish their friendships because they know that everyone in their life is a blessing from God.

Life is about valuing things of importance, living a life according to God, treating the world with respect and valuing the people in your inner circle. Success if not defined by what you have done, what you’re doing or what you own. Success is defined by your character, who you are spiritually, your character. If you do not possess all of the characteristics above, then now is the time to re-evaluate who you are and where you’re headed in life.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Photo Cred: Brittany Bell – Public Relations Rep for Roger and Cowan 


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