A How To On Utilizing Social Media to Build Your Online Presence

ElaineIf you keep up with me then you know I spent months traveling throughout the Bay Area teaching my workshop on social media and branding for multiple companies and brands. The workshop basically focuses on the importance of utilizing social media platforms to build the voice of your company’s brand. When I think of building my audience for my blog/brand, the first thing that comes to mind is social media, how am I utilizing it? I enjoy the idea of marketing my work on my social platforms. It doesn’t just give me a chance to showcase what’s new on the blog, but it gives me the opportunity to have one on one conversations and really connect with my readers. A personal connection with your audience is essential. I believe that social media is the way to achieve those relationships. Here’s a view of my tips on building a voice for your brand through social media.

Make Sure You Social Platforms Are Easily Accessible 

I need to be able to go to your blog/website and know exactly how to get in contact with you on other platforms. Your social media icons or details on how your readers can connect with you via social media is critical information to have displayed. You never know who’s reading. Potential opportunities could be coming to your site and looking for ways to connect with you outside of your blog, and if they can’t, sometimes it’s opportunities you miss out on. Also, make sure your presence online is an accurate representation of your brand. A classy, sophisticated online presence is vital.

Pinterest is A Hidden Social Media Gem

A lot of creatives tend to shy away from using Pinterest for brand purposes. It was just fun to me at first, but then I started to notice some post shares I’d get on Pinterest and started to take it seriously. I think most skim past it assuming that it’s just a way to post pictures of your favorite interior decorating photos or a place to get great recipes. Guilty! There once was a time when I’d go pin my favorite of everything and didn’t think twice about pinning my blog post or details about my books. In the last year, I’ve adapted more and more to take advantage of my Pinterest platform. Believe it or not, Pinterest is actually a great social media tool to add to your list of sites you share on.

Do Not Rely Solely on Instagram to Bring Traffic to Your Website

A lot of brands now believe in utilizing Instagram. There are so many online tutorials about how to revamp your Instagram and make it more appealing. Necole Kane formerly known as Necole Bitchie tweeted before rebranding her celebrity gossip blog into what is xoNecole. She spoke on how someone was critiquing her on the fact that she didn’t post on her blog via Instagram 24/7.

The problem is Instagram is not monetized, and I have a business to run, If I put all my news there, no one would come to the site. From a business perspective, it helps build the audience, BUT the monetary value isn’t comparable to advertising campaigns on a website…YET!”


I think for most of us visuals are important but do not give one social media platform the power to build or gain your website traffic. I believe that this applies to all creatives. If you’re selling a product, running a blog or marketing services, I personally believe in not putting all of the eggs in one basket. The monetary value of Instagram isn’t comparable to advertising campaigns on a website nor does it have the advantage that other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook…YET!

Every Website/Brand Should Have It’s Own Facebook Page

I love my Facebook family. It’s a more intimate way to interact with those who support you. It’s also an excellent way to post updates, share great quotes as status updates and do invites on upcoming events for your blog. Every new blog post that I publish posts directly to my Facebook. I enjoy that feature along with the many other options that it offers.

Always Be Responsive Online 

Answer questions. When you’re tagged in a post, comment, and share. Don’t go idle. Always monitor what your social media audience is saying, both negative and positive. You have to show that you care and the best way to do so is responsiveness.

Don’t Be Afraid to Build Your Brand’s Story Overtime

This means constantly reinventing the brand, revamping your website, having an appealing/clean look to all of the social platforms. Expanding and growing in new ways and not being afraid to do that. Never be afraid to explore new ways to appeal to our existing audience while attracting a new audience and not losing the message behind why you started.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 

Photo Cred: Elaine Welteroth -Editor of @TeenVogue


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