My Journey Into Tarot and Why I’ve Chosen to Embark on It

IMG_7882I believe that when we find something that feeds us on every level we dive deep into it and never look back. Over the last year or so that has been my journey with Tarot. I was born with highly empathic and intuitive abilities. As I grew older I recognized my gift for what it was and accepted it. I never thought I find something to practice that’d lead me to embrace my abilities more. I had my first experience with a tarot reading when I was 18 years old.

When I received my first reading, I never told a soul. However, I will always remember how I felt during the session. Nothing about the reading seemed out of place for me. In fact, I felt very much at home, very connected to the experience. The downside to it all was, growing up, I was taught that getting a tarot reading was an abomination to God and to stay away from it. The negative connotations behind Tarot are what held me back from exploring it. Due to my upbringing, I always felt I was doing something wrong when I invested time into studying it deeper. The truth is, the ancient art of Tarot reading carries with it a myriad of old and completely unjustified superstitions. Still, this never took away from the fact that every since I had my first reading done, tarot has been something that I have felt a strong gravitational pull to. I’ll never forget the day I bought my first tarot deck and someone I know asked me if I still believed in God lol.

The day I made it public I was studying tarot someone called me a witch, I laughed. The idea of being expressive and exploring new things has become so foreign to the word. I’ve been mocked and criticized for my abilities without others actually understanding or taking the time to learn. We’re often judgmental or cast things out with little understanding or knowledge of things. Throughout history, people have ostracized tradition. It’s become common to label beautiful ancient beliefs and practices evil and demented. Thus, we’ve become totally disconnected from the truth and power of particular traditions and practices. People will crucify you for exploring ancient practices/traditions, but in the same breath, claim to be a child of God.

The irony!

For me, Tarot has been my tool to bring thoughts, feeling and dreams into conscious awareness. When I would have sessions with my go-to tarot readers, they’d always pick up on or comment on my intuitive power. I played it small for a while. When I bought my first deck in the past I never took it seriously, I was afraid I guess. Not afraid of tarot in itself, but mostly afraid of my power and what I could achieve by practicing it. When I had begun to piece together puzzles within my life or predict the outcome of situations through my dreams, this is when I began to dive deeper into tarot. The Tarot operates primarily through non-rational aspects of consciousness, the same state in which dreams are communicated. Most traditional Tarot decks consist of 78 cards. In the late 18th-century Tarot cards went from being playing cards to actual tools used for divination. Divination being the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown. Tarot has become a great method for me to learn how things are playing out in my life. Tarot has opened a new journey of self-discovery for me.

It was through tarot that I learned I was playing small. I discovered that I held within me an immense amount of powers and the cards exemplified just how powerful I truly was. Tarot has to lead me to reconnect with my highest self and trust who I am and all that my soul knows to be true. Tarot has inspired me to unlock a passion and greater creativity within me that I never once knew existed. I’m usually using the cards to identify the levels of myself and my life that require adjustments or improvement. I use the Tarot to read and unlock my deepest mental and spiritual blocks. Thus, creating a distinct path for me to be more intentional and make more practical and objective decisions in my personal/professional life. As I’ve gotten more in tune with the art of reading, I discovered that it is less about being able to predict what is to come, but more about finding the hidden aspects within myself that are blocked or hidden.

There is still so much more for me to study and to learn, but this is a journey that I am loving and enjoying, despite the many critics who have judged me and called me names. I guess I can say, my biggest experience throughout this process is not letting others opinions or assumptions drive me away from something that I feel called to. It’s something that’s allowed me to feel connected to a part of me that I never knew but feels good to know. Since the publication of this article I have launched my Intuitive Guidance business, where I offer knowledge, healing and guidance through tarot sessions. If you’re interested in reading client testimonials or booking a session with me, click here.

What is or has been your experience with Tarot? What are some myths that have held you back from exploring it? Have you been taught that it’s evil and you should stay away from it? Have you had readings done and what were your experiences like? I would love to know how all of you feel about Tarot and your present or past experiences with it. Looking forward to hearing from.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


5 thoughts on “My Journey Into Tarot and Why I’ve Chosen to Embark on It

  1. I actually just had a reading randomly and it definitely opened my eyes to my future and gave me the direction I needed as well answering questions. I was really nervous because of what of the belief that Tarot reading is evil but I honestly felt a million times better. If you need anyone to practice on… Let me know! 🙋🏽

  2. I applaud the journey you are sharing. I have been getting readings since I was a really young woman, so about 20 years. I realized last year that I did not do my readings often enough, and that is because I wasn’t sure I should believe in, like take faith in them. I was always afraid to discuss readings with people I knew, when I was a Christian, because many people I knew called it “blasphemy.” But I have been a Nichiren Buddhist for about 17 years. And I began doing my own tarot for about 10 years; only once or twice a year. Last year, I challenged myself to do at least two readings a week and my life has truly opened up to quite few possibilities and my confidence is through the roof! So congratulations on your journey! You are about to find out so much about yourself and the worlds you can create if you are attentive to your soul’s messages! Ms. Akasha

    1. Thank you so much for your comment it cartainly provided clarity. I am looking forward to continuing my tarot journey. I’ve done some pretty successful readings thus far for myself and others. I’m learning all about who I am and the true power I possess.

  3. I’ve been considering getting into Tarot, but have been skeptical because of the negative things I’ve heard. You’ve inspired me to at least do some more research & learn more about it!

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