Tips for Your Own Full Moon Ritual

anders-jilden-36589I am no astrology expert so there isn’t much I can tell you about it, but I know enough to get me by lol. I also make a lot of decisions or don’t make them at all based on cycles of the moon. Making choices based on moon cycles can come off as a bit absurd to those who are foreign to it. But it’s something that I’ve lived by for years and it’s served me well. One complete cycle of La Luna takes exactly 28 days to complete. For centuries, many cultures have believed in the power of following the cycles of the moon, working with this wonderful gift of blissful energy by doing many ritualistic practices during cycles and harnessing the different energetic effects with each stage the moon brings.

This Friday, June 9th the moon falls in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. This full moon energy will be guiding us to dig into the deepest parts of ourselves. We’ll be guided to healing in a transformative sense to help us to embrace a new wave of fresh beginnings in our lives. The full moon will also be filling our lives with glowing positive, expansive energy in areas of love and finances, allowing us to have a more optimistic approach toward life. Expect the energy to be intense as there will be a high probability for old karmic wounds to come to the surface for them to be healed. Lessons will culminate for you to move forward to brighter, calmer waters.

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At the full moon, since the energy can be so intense it is a perfect time for you to focus on releasing people and things that are no longer serving you. It’s also a time to accept that there are aspects of yourself that require transformation. While you’ve outgrown these parts of yourself, you do not have to live them, they too can be released. I’ve been meaning to share a full moon ritual on the blog for some time. During The Full Moon, it’s an opportune time to purge your life through ritual and emerge whole and new. It’s a sacred transformative time. Rituals can be done solo or in groups. The bigger the soul tribe, the better. (in my opinion) See below for a list of steps to help guide you in the right direction to preparing for your own Full Moon Ritual.


Create a sacred space

Rituals can be held at your altar (if you have one) outside or wherever you best see fit. I find the energy to be more potent when held under the light of the moon. It’s best to find a quiet place to sit during this time. Somewhere that is clutter free and has your own personal touch and where you absolutely can’t be distracted.

Cleanse Your Energy and The Energy Around You

Best done by Smudging, your aura and the area you’re holding your ritual in. This is most commonly done with sage but can be done with incense or any other cleansing standard to your liking.


Light Your Candles

Candles are symbolic in meaning based on color. You can choose the color you see fit, however, I gravitate toward white during rituals because white is symbolic of purity and new beginnings. White is normally used during healing rituals. Whatever you decide, surround yourself with candles.

Write it Out

On loose leaf paper, write out a list of all the things in your life that are no longer serving you and that you wish to release. Again, remember this list should also include aspects of yourself that you’ve outgrown and need to let go of. Consider letting go of outdated thoughtforms, old behavioral patterns, unhealed emotions, toxic relationship ties, any addictions etc. If you’ve purchased my new workbook, I have a list of energetic cord cutting meditations in the workbook that would be great to follow your ritual. The workbook can be found here.

Vocalize and Visualize

After your list is complete, speak out loud what it is that you’re choosing to rid yourself of. Affirm these things, say it all with assurance, confidence and without a doubt. Close your eyes and visualize who you imagine yourself to be without these burdens. See yourself surrounded by light and that light drawing these energies from your body and entire life. See yourself emerging renewed and restored. Vocalize your freedom aloud as you hold your list in your hand. Say a prayer after your visual and vocalization. Meditate on this list before you enter the next phase of the ritual.

adithi-277440.jpgLet it Burn

Place the paper you’ve written on into one of your candles. (take precaution while doing so!) Watch as your paper burns. Pay attention to the patterns and colors of the flame. If your flame dies out mid-burn, you may not have lit it with full intention of releasing the items on your list. Re-center, refocus, meditate on your list and try the burning process again. If you have no luck after 3 attempts of burning, try again the next day. The moon energy will still be potent for at least the next 2-3 days.  When burning your paper and you notice the flame becomes intense, drop it into a glass vase or a fire pit. This is something of my own personal choice. Most rituals recommend dropping it into water, but I think it lessens the intensity when thrown into water mid burn. Once your vase is full of ashes, run water in it, fill it up mid-way and flush the remnants down the toilet. You want none of this energy left behind.


Once the intense portion of your ritual is complete, say a closing prayer followed by the smudging your aura for a second time. I like to fully cleanse myself with a cleansing bath. This can be done with Epson salt or different cleansing herbs etc. Immerse yourself into the bath with full intent that you’re clear and purified from all that you just released. Be sure that you’re giving thanks to God and the Moon during this process and certainly after the ritual has commenced.


You can alter these steps to support what you see fit. This is just a list of starter instructions to assist you in the beginner stages. There are no right or wrong ways to perform rituals. As you master your own path, you’ll grow to learn to conjure up your own ritualistic practices during times of the moon cycles. Sending you all love and light. Wishing you much success following the full moon and all of June.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.






One thought on “Tips for Your Own Full Moon Ritual

  1. Im super excited to try this. I have been seeing a lot of this down my timeline and hearing it from my hairdresser. Im ready to cleanse my life and be honest about getting rid of things and people. Thank you so much for your words and this blog.

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