The Core Magazine

ewan-robertson-208059.jpgI guess after you put years and years into your own personal blog you begin to think what’s next. I’ve thought what’s next for the last two years or more. It wasn’t that I was tired of my blog or blogging, but creatively it was becoming unfulfilling. It stopped being challenging on a creative level. So I thought about very deeply what I’ve been contributing to the world over the last several years through my work. It has sparked the change in so many lives all across this globe. For this reason, alone, I couldn’t say goodbye to my blog completely. But, I had a deep desire to continue doing what I was doing but differently.

I started doodling the design of this digital magazine earlier last year. But like with many things in our lives, it got put on the back burner for so long. I actually just kept doubting that I’d be able to successfully create something of this magnitude. It took so much discipline, devotion, and dedication to finally produce this digital work of art. Ultimately, my vision was to give you all the same great content that I’ve always given but switched up a little with visual content to accompany the written content. I wanted you all to read the stories and interviews with other talented people who are just like you. Out here in the word still working on figuring it all out. I wanted you all to leave each issue feeling totally empowered and inspired to live your best life.

And while this digital publication was totally about all of you. I was dying to create new magic and satisfy my soul by giving life and attention to something that truly made my heart and soul sing. So what can you expect from The Core Magazine? Love, Light, Honesty, and Inspiration that inspires you to Grow. I worked hard to incorporate so much of what was my life and my personal journey and all that has helped me to evolve into the woman I presently am. I also wanted to curate a publication that encouraged self-care, self-love, and wellness in the lives of both men and women. The Core is about showing the world that what you desire to manifest in your life doesn’t come without hard work and dedication, but when it’s yours, its worth it. The Core Magazine a work of art created to uplift those who read it and those who are featured in it. I hope that you’re just as excited about this new journey as I am.

Thank you for your love and support for the last 7-8 years on my journey. Thank you for believing in everything I put out into the world. Thank you for continuously challenging to me to be my best self at all times, spiritually, creatively and professionally. Thank you for changing my life constantly. Here’s to many more years together filled with growth, love, and opportunity. Ase!

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