The Power of Giving to Those In Need

170828142049-26-harvey-0828-exlarge-169-e1504022017138.jpgGrowing up, I remember watching my brother give away his clothes and shoes that he worked hard for to a kid named Lamar. Lamar was often picked on because of his condition of living wasn’t the best. It pained me to see him bullied and shamed for circumstances that were beyond his control. Lamar didn’t have the best clothes, shoes or any of that, but I watched the way his life shifted when my brother would give whatever he had to him for no other reason than he needed it. Lamar later became a close friend of both my brother and me. We goofed off in class a lot and because he was talk and kind of chubby, he always protected me at school. Sadness struck us when Lamar was fatally shot at the age of 13. And while the memory of losing him will always be one I try and forget, the way his face lit up when he knew someone cared enough to help him in a time of need will always be the fondest of memories.

I shared that story to say, we never really know the fate of other peoples circumstances. We never know the reasons as to why they’re in need when they’re in need. It raises the question, “does a person’s background or circumstances even matter for you to open your heart and want to pour into them?” It shouldn’t! From a young age, my brother was a huge leading example to me. He taught me the value of not caring where a person comes from or why they’re in a predicament they’re in, just give.

On Sunday, Hurricane Harvey hit landfall in Houston Texas and surrounding cities. Causing at least ten deaths and leaving many other injured and with a place to call home. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States, parts of Harris County have received more than 30 inches of rain, according to the National Weather Service, and over the last several days we’ve seen conditions increase. Unlike many other cities in the hurricane’s path, Houston did not order evacuations before the storm, and many residents were trapped in flooding homes. We’ve watched footage being posted online where families cries for help are wide spread throughout Houston, Rockport and other cities impacted by Harvey.

I sat and just couldn’t image waking up and losing everything that I own in a blink of an eye. I have been in a very emotional state over the last several days. Heart aching for the families and children in need. I sat for days wondering what more could I do besides offer my heartfelt prayers, tears, and thoughts? I decided that the right thing to do would be to donate the earnings of my magazine to those that were impacted by the hurricane. God randomly put this on my heart last night. I would be lying if I didn’t hit God with the “bruh, what do you mean?” LOL. I later realized that I don’t need it right now. So many others need this far more than I do. Some called me crazy, a few said it was a publicity stunt and to boost attention for the magazine. The gag is, I never needed the attention I already had. I can say, that anytime you seek to help others in need you’ll always be criticised, help them anyway.

Ultimately, the goal for me is to know that what appears to be a small act of kindness to many is huge to a family who has lost everything in a matter of a few hours. The Core Magazine is a new publication, we’re small and just starting out. The good thing about The Core Magazine is, regardless of how small we are, there is something to give. With all that being said, over the next couple of weeks, our financial earnings will be donated to those in need impacted by the hurricane. We’ll also be shipping clothing as well. It’s very hard to see people struggle. It has really pained me over the last several days and I want nothing more than help in any way that I can. To purchase your copy of The Core Magazine, click here!

It is with great hope that we inspire you to lend a hand to those who need you. You don’t have to know them, you don’t have to know their background or what they’re about, you don’t even have to donate through The Core, just give somehow, someway. Thank you all for your continued love and support of the magazine. Know that your support going forward isn’t just benefiting the magazine, it’s benefiting families who at this point only want warm, dry clothing and food to eat. Blessings family!


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One thought on “The Power of Giving to Those In Need

  1. People can be weird. I neither thought it was a publicity stunt or an attention-getter. My initial thought was “how cool.”
    God Bless. Keep up the great work.

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