Now, more than ever, so many of us are in need of healing. Many of us are in emotional, mental and spiritual pain and lack the resources or knowledge necessary to overcome it all. Amber Janae is a huge advocate for self-care, self-love and mental health. Amber Janae is a national expert on self-esteem and empowerment and is a sought-after motivational speaker, mentor, and writer all over the world.

For the last 6 years, Amber has been encouraging adults and youth the importance of re-discovering their internal power and utilizing that strength to become a greater version of themselves. Her message on self-worth, personal power, mental health and spiritual development stem for personal experiences. She likes to shed light on her long battle with depression and self-sabotage in hopes to encourage others to find the light within their darkness.

Amber’s past struggles have become the foundation and core philosophy of her business which is based on self-love, spirituality and a deep compassionate commitment to help people craft a stable life full of love for self, contentment, inner happiness and wholeness with self.

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