To say that I was speechless would be a huge understatement. I admit, going into this session I was a stanch skeptic, but I figured what’s the worst that could happen and booked a session. Needless to say, Amber was amazing! She performed three separate readings that all focused on certain aspects of my life i.e. career, love life, etc. The level of accuracy was awe inspiring, and I achieved a level of enlightenment that I never thought I could through these means. Certain verbatim quotes of Amber’s were so spot on they were borderline spooky. Things I knew to be true and subconsciously sought affirmation from an objective third party were as clear as ever. It was incredibly therapeutic. Not only were the cards spot on when it came to my life as a whole, but Amber’s ability to articulate what each card meant and what the cards that reinforced those cards meant as well. She would express to me the vibes she felt from the cards and the message they conveyed to her. I am eager to go back, and I’ll be booking another session very soon!” -Leban Elmi, California 

“Amber is one of those rare, authentic people you get to meet once in a blue moon. I found her on Instagram randomly and found her messages very uplifting and inspiring, so I decided to give it a chance and do a reading with her. Best decision ever. She was on point about everything, and the best part was the entire time she was doing the reading I felt like I was speaking to an old friend. She never pressured me about the time, and she was truly invested in helping me find the clarity I was looking for. Love her and totally recommend her. – Naseeha, Massachusetts  

If you are thinking about booking a session from Ms. Amber Janae stop thinking and start doing! She did a spread for me about love and career, and she was on point about everything!! I gained so much clarity about things that were going on in my life. After the reading, I immediately started seeing more and more confirmations regarding what she told me. The reason why I love her spirit so much, among other things, is that she is actually intuitive. She gives messages based on what her intuition is telling her. She didn’t just study the tarot deck & memorize what each card means. This sets her apart from many! She is very good at what she does. Not to mention how open and down to earth she is. She takes the time to listen to what it is your going through and gives excellent, heartfelt advice. I will be a forever client.” – Kemi Bella, New York  

Last week I was able to get together and sit down with the lovely Amber as she did a tarot reading on me. I have had one done before, so I was able to approach the situation with a very clear mind ready for what was to come, and I was not disappointed. She was very patient and attentive and broke down various aspects of my life; career and love,  that I have been wondering about myself. When delivering the information, Amber was very good with providing detailed explanations of what the cards were saying, and after the reading, I felt very hopeful about the future. There’s something about knowing that changes need to be made and then getting the affirmation from a third person that is on the outside that is just a bit reassuring. I’m looking forward to watching as the predictions unfold and I definitely recommend anyone with an open mind to get a session with Amber, it was Awesome!” -Bianca, Los Angeles, CA 

Amber Janae is truly gifted. I’ve never had a reading done, and I was honestly a little hesitant to have her do it. I am glad that I went along and had it done. She was very thorough and straight forward. A lot of the things that she told me I already kind of knew and her reading brought clarity to those feelings. I would recommend that any and everybody contact AJ for your tarot reading. It’s well worth your time ” -Michael S., Oakland, CA  

“Hi Amber,

Thank you so much for opening my eyes to so much. I learned a lot about myself during that hour and thirty minutes you spent on my reading. You helped me get a better understanding of myself and my life. You helped me understand why current things are occurring and how to go about changing those things. During my session, everything felt so remarkable like you were me. You knew everything that was going on in my life, there wasn’t a topic that we didn’t touch. It was like you were able to see right through me. What I like most was how you were able to go into depth and explain each card to me, That Allowed me to work on myself better. You have a true talent, and I hope more doors open and continue to bless you while you help others. I wish you nothing but the best! Thanks!” – Khadijah, California 

Dear Amber,

I just want to start off by saying you’re awesome (which you should know by now) and I can’t thank you enough for the reading we did recently. Everything was dead on at that moment (you know I was a wreck) and afterward as well. I saw everything you told me within a few days and actually till today… I’ve felt a little anxious about near future plans because who am I without my anxiety? Lol. But overall, I’ve experienced this peace of mind about the recent decisions I’ve had to make. I’ve let go and let God and the universe do its thing. You were amazing. Thank you so much for listening to me and at the same time understanding me without me having to say much. Because you’re just that good! God bless!” – Johanna, New Jersey 



When booking your session via the link below, please include a valid email and contact number. Once your session is booked, I will send an email confirming your scheduled appointment. All payments are accepted through Venmo Only. All bookings must be paid in full before the session begins. Any appointments canceled less than 24 hours advance notice will be charged the full amount.

50 Min. –  $50

75 Min. – $65

90 Min. – $75

One 15 Min. Session – $35

Three 50 Min. Sessions – $125

Two 30 Min. Sessions – $90

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Tarot readings carry a myriad of old and completely unjust superstitions. Still, this never steered me away from studying and using it to maximize on the gift I was born with. It is my intention to provide each of my clients with a unique and soul fulfilling experience. I have assisted many on their life path through my intuitive coaching sessions. During our session, I use our time as therapy for you and a learning experience for myself. While I do provide guidance through divination, I also use our time as a full-on life coaching experience. It’s a time to uncover the answers that you seek, but also a time for me to provide guidance on the path in which your present energy is leading you. I am clear on how any negative conditioning of the mind, self-victimization patterns or self-destructive ways can be blocking your forward progression. I also am very clear in coaching you on how to release all that hinders you. You won’t leave the session without me providing insight on what is helping/has helped you along the way and ways to tap into your unlimited potential.

Tarot has become a great method for me to learn how things are playing out in my life. I use the cards to identify the levels of my client’s lives that require adjustments or improvement. The sessions are a transformative, enlightening experience, specifically focused on guiding you to unlock your deepest mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. Thus, creating a distinct path for you to become more enlightened, intentional and make more practical and objective decisions in your personal and, or professional life. As I’ve gotten more in tune with the art of providing guidance intuitively, I discovered that it is less about me being able to predict what is to come in one’s future, but more about assisting clients in uncovering the aspects within themselves that are blocked or hidden and need healing.

If you’re seeking clarity on decisions to make, confused about a particular area in your life, or simply just want to uncover subconscious blocks that are hindering you from living your best life. Then there is no time like the present to book with me. I look forward to working with you.