A Woman’s Quest To Self-Love


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The struggle of learning to love all of who you are at a young age can be difficult. Amber Janae finds a way to document her truth in the most raw, inspirational way possible. The book details the authors long standing battle with depression, being bullied most of her life and the absence of her father. Focusing on finding the positives in the negative cards she had been dealt over the years, A Woman’s Quest to Self-Love is a walk through the authors’ darkest moments and how she discovered her light. A novel that Amber hopes will inspire others to overcome their deepest struggles by learning to face them head on. This book will encourage you to forgive yourself along with others. Overcome past traumas by choosing to heal while living with no regrets. Amber shares her quest to self-love in hopes to inspire all who reads, to set out on their quest to loving themselves completely.

Growing up I wasn’t afraid or ashamed that I had an imagination, imaginary friends and  putting them to use. It later helped me to perfect my craft and further my career to what it’s unfolding into this very day as an author/blogger. That type of power is God’s gift. I was tortured, made fun of, called names all my life, but I took that negativity and flipped it into a positive. I can now turn those terrible experiences into words of wisdom and encouragement for others. I’ve felt all my life that God has literally been pulling me by the arm, turning me around, & saying “I made you this way & you will embrace, love it, love and respect yourself.

No one person on this earth is comparable. We all individually have characteristics that help us to identify with each other. However, it is important that we know  and understand no one individual is 100% the same. We are uniquely made. As individuals God has given us all a calling. Do you know I always knew in my heart what my mission in life was?  Obedience frightened me. I was afraid to do all that I was created to do out of fear of failing myself and others. As I grew older I learned that you can’t fail when you try. Stepping out on faith and trying even if you do not succeed the first time trumps not trying at all.  It is through experience that I am able to enter lives, hearts and minds across the world. We are guided into our purpose to inspire, encourage, uplift and most importantly to HELP one another. I want to be of service to my generation and for generations to come. I want to speak life and hope into women. I want women all over to learn & know that their worth. It’s my goal to get women to know that if you’ve ever felt that you aren’t valuable or worthy you can change that. It’s important that you acknowledge your value & trust that your power goes far beyond what you’ve believed or have been taught. I want us women to know that we are powerful, unique beings and we are NOTHING in this world without a positive image of ourselves. We are nothing in this world without unity. We are nothing in this world without embracing, loving, inspiring, & uplifting each other. My goal is to spread that message with my new book.  Happy Reading!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.