Sacrifices Love and Deception



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sacrificesThe book consist of Fiction stories created from the heart of the author’s imagination. With every intention to draw you in, leave you breathless and wanting more, Sacrifices Love and Deception is an anthology packed with stories full of drama and suspense. With tendencies to be cold hearted, each character experiences many trials and tribulations that send their lives spiraling out of control. These are great stories about survival, living with addictions, infidelity, death, dishonor and more. The emotional roller coaster these stories take you on are full of twists and turns that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end.






There comes a time in love when we all make sacrifices. Some are larger than others but no matter the extent of our gratitude we end up sacrificing pieces of ourselves. In love you learn that some sacrifices are worth it while others are dangerous. Life teaches us to be careful not how we love but who we love. The cost we pay for our sacrifices sometimes turn out to be far more than what we bargained for.

Real love, true love gives us hope. When you’re combined with a counterpart you feel whole. When you’re in love you feel as if nothing is untouchable. The skies appear endless and the world is in arm’s length. The problem with love is devotion. We give and devote ourselves unselfishly but we are always unsure of the outcome. If you’re deep enough in love sometimes you’re blinded by all things. Whether these things are good or bad, you’re blinded. Unbeknownst to you, when these things are headed your way you’re so far in the clouds, when the bad hits you, you have no idea how to react. How do you forgive love when love unwillingly brings you pain?

Beguilement/deceit are a heartless person’s greatest ammunition and an innocent person’s worse nightmare. Those we tend to put on a pedestal and put our trust in the most are usually the ones who are successful in deceiving us. The deceiver wears their masks so well they become an expert at hiding all of their indiscretions. This masked mad person constantly succeeds in making you believe the things you shouldn’t. The game of deceit is like a game of Russian roulette. You succeed at skipping that bullet for so long until it eventually blows you away.

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