The Root: A Compilation of Poetry







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As a writer, you re-imagine the familiar (unfamiliar) by reshaping it. It is, however, also a fantasy, and one filled with hope. Writing is one way to create a better further for people I don’t know, but if I did, would gain strength from them.”

-Terry McMillian

the root.jpgAs I sat pondering when I would begin my next project and what it would be I knew I wanted to do something close to my heart. When I first discovered I knew how to write I was very young and it all started with poetry. Being a poet has always been dear to my heart and I don’t express that side of me as much as I should. I recently decided to put a compilation together that features some of my best pieces, old and new. The title “The Root” formed in my mind effortlessly. I chose to title my book of poetry “The Root” because poetry was and forever will be the root of all things literary for me. Poetry is where I discovered that I had the ability to formulate words and those words could come out powerful and capture the heart. Poetry is where I taught myself that it is perfectly okay to pick up a pen and jot down on a note pad and express your deepest feelings. The cover image is a woman growing from her roots, standing tall and producing an abundance of great things out into the universe. I like to think the image symbolizes me and my journey as a writer.

I’ve known all of my life that I’ve wanted to use my words to captive a large audience. I do whatever I can to create material that makes my readers feel all types of different emotions all in one read. Learning at a very young age that it is okay to let your emotions travel and take you to far away to unseen places was magical to me. It’s how we learn to be imaginative, expressive and release or inhibitions. When I read other books I became one with every character and envisioned everything that I picked up to read. As I writer I knew I wanted nothing more but for those who read my work to be able to experience the same exact things.

As a writer…

I’ve always convinced myself that you cannot be afraid to dream, nor can you be afraid to fly and let your creativity soar. I told myself that daily until I believed it. I’ve been blessed with an amazing gift. I never thought in a million years that I’d be able to successful write, let along publish books in multi genres. It’s a blessing to be able to captivate a crowd in many different ways and everyone is receptive to everything that you create.

“The Root” is a compilation of old and new work all created by myself. The book holds 41 beautiful poems that were written straight from my heart and soul. I wanted to be honest, I wanted to entertain, but I wanted to stay true to myself. I dug deep and hand selected all of the best of what I thought you all would love. I hope that you all find this new project one to love for many years to come.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.