The Truth Behind My Awakening

fullsizerender-441Nothing that I say can teach you how to find you. There’s no way another person’s experiences will tell us who we are internally. However, I can share my experiences in hopes to shed a light that guides you in the right direction to become more conscious of who you are. No one person on this earth is comparable. We all individually have characteristics that make up all of who we are. I also believe that we were all born with something which helps us to identify with each other. Divine Oneness. There is something phenomenal that takes place when we discover that God created us for a greater purpose in life, a purpose that is beyond ourselves. Life takes a dynamic shift when we learn to value the pain of our past and not let it hinder us. This is what I like to define as a life awakening. When we awaken to a new level of self, we become more aware of what we accept, what we put out into the world, what we give to others and what situations we allow ourselves to get into. When things are going wrong in life it is the universe that is trying to move you into another direction. In this book we will explore forgiveness, breaking down barriers and how to heal from our past without letting it hinder the present and future. We’ll explore how our misplaced expectations can cause us to rely on other living beings to be the force in our lives that only you yourself are capable of being. Do know that all the power you need cannot be found in an outside source. There is nothing new under the sun. What is out there is within you and all it takes is the right steps to uncover what is hidden deep within. Our experiences, trials and tribulations are meant to be shared. We are meant to take pieces of ourselves and spread them around so that others are able to see the power of healing and restoration. It is with great hope that upon reading we all discover or learn to redefine the truth that leads to our awakening. I hope that all who read not only find refuge in the message behind the book, but courage to not remain silent about their sufferings any longer. Above all else, I wish for us to all be brave enough to overcome the pain of our past and awaken to our greatest, most premier selves.  Life is full of infinite possibilities, all that occurs is molding you into the warrior you were called to be.

As human beings we grow in spurts. We stunt our growth the moment we choose conformity over being a better version of ourselves.

– AJ


-Coming Soon! 


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